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Thread: Blitzkrieg Unboxing!!! Lots of Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by bastimret View Post
    If you like I can take some detailed pics tonight of the additional addon packs that I got yesterday along with my Blitz package and add them to this thread.
    Yes please sir, the more the merrier!
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    More pictures!! And I really wish I had gotten the expansions. Hopefully they will be out to retail shops soon.

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    Great pictures, make mine look pretty sad well done sir.

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    Aw man. Just had a fun hour with my son unpacking an organizing a shipment of Double Blitz + Elsa/Cher + Tile Omega + Battle of Brighton + M3/Lans + Boss/Doom.

    Then all 3 kids went and played with all the figures like action figures. One of the girls took a dog and had it biting the wings of the airborne vehicles....

    Only main regret is not getting the Alt Infantry, as now it seems I'd have to *rebuy* Elsa/Cher *and* M3/Lans *and* Boss/Doom for $80 total
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    Double Blitz must look immense!

    I have to keep checking my pledge manager to make sure I ordered everything - even though it's too late to do anything about it.
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    Yeah. At the moment I only have out a single Bliz level (well, not even that, as I'm not sure we need all the duplicates - I'm using 3 each of the infantry, and 2 of the larger vehicles, and of course the 1 extra of the giant size)
    Name:  plane0.jpg
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    Name:  plane1.jpg
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    Name:  plane2.jpg
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    Name:  plane3.jpg
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    Name:  plane4.jpg
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    Oh, and the one-handed plague trooper isn't in the shot. Nor the duplicate "final four" in the KS exclusive sculpts. Oh. And only a couple of the terrain pack large tiles. So yes, everything would have been much, much, more.
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    Those all look great. Especially the air units.

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    Now i really wish i had ordered the Heavy Metal & BoB sets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by M2 Wolverine View Post
    Great pictures, make mine look pretty sad well done sir.
    Thanks! Did you upload yours? I'd like to see them. I'm sure they're better than mine. Stupid iphone camera isn't the best for detailed shots.

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    So here's the extras that I bought: Tile Pack Omega w/ the extra cards and terrain pack, Battle of Brighton, Heavy Metal, Sturmrad vs M7 Boss, M3 Vert Tank vs Landkreiger, Elsa Frost vs Cher Ami, Macleods's Guards vs Baron Munchen's Guards.

    Name:  fK1pajw.jpg
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    First up is the Battle of Brighton

    Name:  dsMRfOV.jpg
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    Name:  UAUNlAx.jpg
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Size:  581.6 KB

    Inside the box is two layers, the first including the stands, plugs, Gyro Planes, Zeppelin Scouts, and anti air turret.

    Name:  E49N6yT.jpg
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Size:  474.3 KB

    Second layer has the Dorchester, Bomber, Buccaneers, Ospreys, Flakker, Quad Gun, Charles Yooger plug, Volker Hawken plug, and other plugs.

    Name:  T1DNerX.jpg
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Size:  540.0 KB

    Great detail on the planes:

    Name:  OJrqUgE.jpg
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Size:  470.1 KB

    Also includes the cards and instructions for the new units:

    Name:  rIJKzbB.jpg
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Size:  571.1 KB

    The Brighton KS box included the extra gyros and scouts and AA plugs:

    Name:  RlYiPHz.jpg
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    Name:  KiWzmog.jpg
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    Next up is Heavy Metal:

    Name:  iTJjTwO.jpg
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    Name:  Y6BDPRf.jpg
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    Single layer, contains the tanks, plugs, damage markers, and cards.

    Name:  wej3lq8.jpg
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    These hulking beasts look great!

    Name:  QWkqTo2.jpg
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    Name:  s53B8ho.jpg
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    Next we have the Sturmrad vs M7 Boss set:

    Name:  r2zYWqM.jpg
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    Name:  huZg1qw.jpg
Views: 274
Size:  539.8 KB

    Single layer with both units, plugs, and cards:

    Name:  tkDNsdj.jpg
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    Love the level of detail on these figures:

    Name:  9m2H5W1.jpg
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    Name:  jcfoKag.jpg
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    Here is the M3 Vert Tank vs Landkrieger set:

    Name:  Zg5dPxt.jpg
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    Name:  To6TaQk.jpg
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    Single layer, 3 of each unit + plugs and cards:

    Name:  fdrjlDX.jpg
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    These figures are just begging to be painted. Wish I had the time.

    Name:  FC3vuMi.jpg
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    Next the alt troops, Macleods Guards vs Baron Munchen's guards:

    Name:  KfkHB3d.jpg
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    Name:  gSCaqHU.jpg
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    One layer, 6 of each unit + cards:

    Name:  NHTNfGb.jpg
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    Name:  QlTHRE4.jpg
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    Name:  GdwUjVU.jpg
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    Finally, Elsa Frost vs Cher Ami:

    Name:  aFYFJ6O.jpg
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    Name:  I1LIbjN.jpg
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Size:  607.4 KB

    Single layer, both figs and their plugs + cards.

    Name:  6EaBSFk.jpg
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    Name:  Wd87vOG.jpg
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    Name:  VsMfKek.jpg
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    Didn't bother posting pics of the tile pack, terrain, or cards as they are the same as we've already seen.

    Gotta say, these figures look great and I can't wait to play with them all on a giant map. Now I need to figure out how the heck I'm going to store them all!

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    Thanks for adding these! Also, I need a real camera, because yours look great!

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    Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to share your packages. All these photos are really something. The details of the models have really come out in bastimret's latest. Seeing binarysunrise's custom-square rivet wars dining-table which means he's always ready to fight! It was brilliant seeing all the planes overhead spying out the battlefield.

    Thanks again everyone
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    Lol. My kids took all the figures as I unpacked them, and set them up for me. After they were all out, I noticed the tablecloth wasn't that conducive to decent photography But it didn't stop them from having a giant battle (putting rocket launchers on the airplanes was a big hit!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by binarysunrise View Post
    Lol. My kids took all the figures as I unpacked them, and set them up for me. After they were all out, I noticed the tablecloth wasn't that conducive to decent photography But it didn't stop them from having a giant battle (putting rocket launchers on the airplanes was a big hit!)
    I'd hate to be a pain, but could I get some images of the new action and SM cards??? I saw BoB came with some and I would LOVE to see them.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Was BoB the only box that came with NEW Action and SM cards?

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    Yes, looking at the back of the awesome boxes on
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrrray View Post
    Yeah no kidding. I'm thinking something along the lines of this:, but I'll have to do some measuring.
    I have a few of those Plano cases and they hold my core box and other mini games great. I definitely recommend them!

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