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    So my son (who plays the Blight side) helped me unpack the hundreds of figures today, was quite concerned to discover that one of his plague troopers seems to have been contaminated by his own plague!

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    And as an aside, I ordered most everything during the kickstarter, but of the few items I missed, it seems that the Alt Infantry will be the hardest to acquire, as now it seems I'd have to *rebuy* Elsa/Cher *and* M3/Lans *and* Boss/Doom in the $79.99 expansion set. Maybe in the new Kickstarter, these old figures could be priced individually? (or is that too complicated?)
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    I hope no one else has this problem. We might have to take account of their plauge-erism
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    Quote Originally Posted by TnT View Post
    New kickstarter?
    I'm assuming the Ruska/Ottoman urban sequel will be a Kickstarter (considering CMON has done 3 for zombicide, it's not like once a product line is made CMON goes on its own - they still use kickstarter as a pre-order system). I'm hoping it'll launch this winter
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    If there is a second kick starter I for one am definitely despite the rather disappointing delay-uk still don't have mine yet. I'm particularly interested in how the buildings will work, maybe with flat piece together sprues like the dead zone kick starter terrain or ruins that have a second level to increase rage through vantage point (these would need to have outcrops on the corners to allow air units to still be placed on them) or maybe corner plastic pillars with card wall inserts that can be changed to indicate damage to the cover, maybe something like the currently running battle zone/grounds kick starter?

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    A have seen other comments about this "missing hand", is this deliberate for the sculpt - perhaps anyone one else who has got their stuff can confirm - thinking all the sculpts so far had little differences?

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    I got 6 of them (2 orders). Of the 6, only 1 was missing a hand. (you also might have seen my post on the KS page...)
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