How many dice are needed?
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    Default How many dice are needed?

    Anyone run through the various scenarios with the new cards yet? How many dice would you use as a maximum on a turn? Originally, the box came with 6 of the same color. Now we have 4 dice per faction. I'd like to not use the original 6, but are 4 dice too few?

    (and as an's been a while since I read through the rules, but I thought 5 & 6 were always hits - I sort of thought on the faction die there'd be faction logos on both #s....or some other indication to make game play easier. Any reason why not??)
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    Well, rolling for initiative would be pretty difficult if you had symbols for 5&6. It would be impossible if those symbols were identical, or even similar. I know that's only done once at the beginning of the game, but it would require an extra two dice that didn't match the rest.

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    The only unit that rolls more than 3 dice against anything right now are the Trench Raiders. They get 4 dice against units with an armor rating of 1.

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    Thanks. And that includes scenarios with combining plugs?
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    Yes. Right now there aren't any powers that add dice to your roll.

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    Precision allows hits on 4's not a big deal but another variant. I had thought about having my own dice made with just two symbols and the other sides blank, but then precision came into play, and I wasn't sure if anything similar would be added in the future.

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