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    These are all so great. Especially love the clean vibrant look on your's @JoshuaStopBanningMe. What kind of paint are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitsuD View Post
    These are all so great. Especially love the clean vibrant look on your's @JoshuaStopBanningMe. What kind of paint are you using?
    I mostly use p3 paint. I have a couple of Vallejo. Also, Testors Dullcote really helps give the models a clean look. It's amazing how much that stuff improves the look of a model.

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    So, my brother sent me a picture of a very unexpected paintjob for the Man in Charge:
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    Deadpool! My favorite comic book character. Unfortunately it was done out of spite. Haha he traded me Dr. Vorne as a permanent unit becuase he liked the mini Sam Jackson lookalike, BEFORE he knew what their actions/buffs were. He got irritated when I wouldn't trade back. So, now I get to be jealous of his Deadpool like he's jealous of my Red Skull. I think his idea turned out surprisingly well.

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    Been a while since anyone posted in here, huh? Anyway, finally trying to shake off my laziness and finish my last 3 or 4 unpainted pieces. The Baby Girl plug is now an Arkham Origins/Knight-style Harley Quinn.
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    WIP for my Mc Leod's guards
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    Had a lot of fun painting the Lanskreigers. Went with a Hulkbuster Iron Man for one, Gipsy Danger paintjob for the second, and Iron Cross from the Captain America: Super Soldier video game. His shield is nothing special: a printout of the design from concept art, glued to a piece of a comic book backing board cut to the same shape then hot glued to the unit. I eventually aded the faded white cross to that left shoulder too, but it isn't pictured here.

    But anyway, more important than all of that... I'm FINALLY done painting! Phew.
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    Lol, iron man paint job is a hoot. The shield is a great addition too. Blown away by metal work on the heavy metal; thats really going to stand out on the battlefield!

    like what you've done with the plague trooper too; looks very human-like! Pretty spooky. classic jet packer look too

    Nice job, looking forward to seeing more
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    Working my way through the allies at the moment.
    Rocket Bike:


    Vert Tank:

    Vet Plug:

    I loved painting the vert tank - it was one of those mini's where I kept on "I'll just do this bit, then finish for the night..." 3 hours later and I'm still tinkering
    I'm a bit unsure about the bases though - I tried to go for a bit of a rusted metal look on them, but I'm not sure about how they look on the game boards. I might go a little more brown with them. Going to try on another infantryman before I do the base on the vert tank as I only have 3 of those.

    Just need to muster up the enthusiasm to finish the infantry... least favourite models as I know they're just cannon fodder and will be wiped off the board as soon as they set foot on there!
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    wow, it looks like you've spent ages on these! The colours look really bright.

    I quite like the rusty look, perhaps you need to go over the browns again in a darker colour, with much less paint on the brush - A Drybrush stroke with the brush staying at a single angle. That should give the rivets and marking on the base some depth; because the paint lays on one side. But I've not picked up a paint brush in years.

    Loving the rifleman too. Thanks for sharing.
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