I hate that you painted your rivets!
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Thread: I hate that you painted your rivets!

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    Default I hate that you painted your rivets!

    I hate everyone in this forum that has painted their Rivets, especially binarysunrise and his awesome Red Baron. They all look great and it makes me want to try it! Unfortunately, I have never painted a miniature and surely would ruin my game if I were to attempt it.

    So, I will just admire all of the great work and continue to seethe with envy.
    Keep the paint flowing for those of us who don't paint!

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    Just do it.it's not too hard to do a decent job. It is fun. And its a nice way to zone out. It can be quite therapeutic. Plus if you got in on the kickstarter you definately have enough units laying around to use as guineapigs

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    I agree, suck it up and have a crack. The forums are full of helpful folks who are more than happy to answer questions about paint types, colours, methods and general modelling info. Yeah your first attempt is probably going to suck, but so did everyone's first model.

    My advice? Start simple and paint the tank traps first. Spray them with a good black undercoat, cover them with something grey, and then a black wash all over. Wait for each stage to dry in between coats (4 hrs or so depending on your climate). I use Citadel paints as they are easily available where I live, but a bit more expensive.

    If they look anything worse than 'all right', I'd quite frankly be floored.

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    My suggestion is one I use to encourage new gamere to paint is to buy some cheap green army men and some basic colours from your local model/craft shop, there are some great starter sets out there that are relatively cheap.

    First thing wash your models in warm soapy water and let them dry, Pick some out and undercoat them for now use a cheap auto spray can of white primers, remember to spray lightly, so you do not cover up the details. Again let this dry and you are ready to start.

    Get your figure, paints, a dish or container of clean water and some paper towel, oh and a brush. Start painting, I would say start with rhe face, makes the figure come to life. Try to put paint neatly where you want but this is practice so do not get hung up on it. You will probably surpprise yourself, the key is to be happy with your paint job, we all cannot paint display pieces - I know I can't.

    After a few army men progress to the RW figures. If you need to come back here some advice on paints to get etc and hints on simple but effective finishes especially washing (basically diluted darker colours) or quick shading ( a easy brush on technique that brings out the shadows and 3d effect. You can also lok for You Tube tutorials

    Whatever you do have fun

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    Thanks for all the encouragement. I have all the necessary tools, but I think my first attempt is going to be on my Sedition Wars minis. I don't care if they turn out crappy.

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    I spray paint my Blight in grey, and my Allies in green (make sure it's a plastic-appropriate base coat paint). Then I paint on colors in solid areas. Don't worry about shading, or special lighting effects. Just get color on the whole thing. Then I dip it in polyurethane to seal/protect *and* it gives it some natural shading as the stuff stays in the crevices.
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    Glad you decided to jump in and start painting stuff. I finally started painting mine as well (case isn't painted yet):
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