Here's a batch of new retail releases for stuff produced for their 2nd Kickstarter:

October Releases, and Darklands: New Kindreds!

With our first Kickstarter project - Darklands: A World of War - totally complete, with all the miniatures, rules and accessories produced and available for you to purchase right now, it's time to turn our attention to the miniatures, rules and accessories produced by the project after that, Darklands: First Edition, which is about two-thirds complete. As there's so much to release - around seventy new miniatures from this project alone - we're intending to bring you at least eight items per month for the foreseeable future, one release per kindred, so that everybody's got something to look forward to as each month goes by. We're also intending to have each miniature painted before its release!

As well as that, we bring you news of our next Kickstarter project, Darklands: New Kindreds, which begins next week and will enable you to get your hands on some Atalantes and some Érainn!

Back to the present... in this set of releases, the first, we have some absolute stunners! For the Albainn we have the lovely Dúngal on foot, a warlord; the Angelcynn get Eadric on foot, another warlord; then there's Ffion Ferddig for the Brythoniaid, a bard warchief; the half-demon warlord Erebius is the first release for the Byzantii since Ulmons; the Fomoraic are joined by the awesome Daarkan, a warchief; the Khthones get their first Sávrar, a warchief called Ágriosávra; the Norse enjoy the stunningly brilliant Jörmungand, the first Troll warchief; and the Ysians have the menacing warlord, Crom on Foot, to contend with...

Unfortunately, just like the last year's releases, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we've just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.

Dúngal on Foot, Mormaer of Dun Durn

Sculpted by a newcomer to our range - Olivier Nkweti - from the artwork by Sam Lamont, Dúngal on Foot is the first release for the Albainn in a good long while and is a cracking little miniature that is chock-full of character. Darklands: First Edition gave us more Albainn, of course, and Dúngal is a warlord, and so he's a good start to any Albainn host - especially as your first pick should be your general! Painted by Martin Grandbarbe.

Eadric on Foot, Forthegn of Mierce

With Penda such a huge, unmistakeable miniature, we though it would be a good idea to give Angelcynn generals the option of a more human warlord to use as their general. That doesn't mean Eadric - sculpted brilliantly by another newcomer to Darklands, Stéphane Camosseto, from the artwork by Des Hanley, and painted here by Martin Grandbarbe - is any less marvellous, and he's a true son of Mierce, too, evidenced by his large belly and travel-size barrel of beer... don't mess with him after closing time!

Ffion Ferddig, Bard of Gwynedd

Let's get the pronunciation out of the way: Ffion Ferddig is pronounced FFEE-on VER-th [as in the] ig. Right? Right. Now, Ffion is a bard, a musician and story teller who inspires the men of Gwynedd to greater heights of glory and as such can be very useful to a Darklands general. She's also a cracking sculpt to boot - Juan Navarro Pérez takes the honours here, along with the artist, Dan Warren! Painted by Martin Grandbarbe again.

Erebius, Demiurion

Rejoice, Byzantii fanatics... for the first new release for your kindred for many years is finally here! Erebius is a Demiurion, a centurion who is devolving into a demon of Infernus although, whilst he is half-man and half-demon, he is still a highly effective general. Sculpted by the fantastic Tre Manor from the artwork by Stef Kopinski, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, Erebius is the perfect start to your Byzantii host!

Daarkan, Tain of Baalor

The talent of Jacques-Alexandre Gillois shines through in this, the first miniature sculpted by him (from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski) for a while; Daarkan is just amazing, and Sébastien Picque's paintjob is the icing on the cake. A warchief, Daarkan and his Soul Axe will ensure your Fomoraic host can perform some nasty things upon the enemy as well as looking brilliant!

Ágriosávra, Sun Warrior

The Khthones are not just about snakes or crocodiles, for the Atalantes created and enslaved virtually every form of reptile they could find on their crumbling islands - and here's the first of the Khthones lizards, the Sávrar, slightly bigger than humans but very quick and very nasty. Ágriosávra is a warchief, a commander, and is a fantastic sculpt by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Christophe Madura! The lovely paintwork is by Sébastien Picque.

Jörmungand, Troll Jarl

We've known for many years that Allan Carrasco is an amazing sculptor, but even we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Jörmungand for the first time. Created from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski, our first Troll warchief - a Jarl - is absolutely stunning, a sublime miniature from a master of his art, and very large indeed! Suffice to say that Jörmungand will grace both the tabletop and your painting collection....

Crom of Carn Wrach, War-Drune on Foot

Whilst we do have some excellent Ysian generals already, we couldn't resist creating Crom. Why wouldn't you? With a brutal glaive, an arrogant stance and some fantastic head trophies, not to mention those massive muscles and that long-horn helm, Crom fits the Ysian (and particularly the Kernowek) stereotype very well indeed. Sculpted by the Ysian-master Stéphane Simon from the artwork by Danny Cruz, and painted here by Martin Grandbarbe.

All of the releases above will be officially released on the 4th of October 2014, but you can pre-order them now from this very website to your heart's content!

Darklands: New Kindreds is launched on Monday!

Our next fantastic project, Darklands: New Kindreds, will be launched on Monday the 15th of September at 6pm, and it's all about bringing new kindreds to the world of Darklands!

This project has been mooted for a long while simply because Darklands has ten main kindreds, two of which - the Atalantes and Érainn - have not yet been explored, even though there's lots of interest in them. Now's the time to redress that! You'll find a ton of stuff to fund for those two kindreds - from warlords to infantry units to monstrous beasts - and there'll also be plenty for anyone who loves our existing kindreds.

The main rewards will be based around Starter Hosts, rather like Darklands: a World of War. There will be at least two Starter Hosts for each of the new kindreds - one that contains infantry, and one containing monstrous infantry - as well as options to include generals, commanders, sorcerers, monstrous beasts and much else besides. They'll also include dice and tokens as required, to get you started immediately!

You've got a few days to wait yet, but if you're interested, head on over to one of our other projects on Kickstarter, such as Darklands: First Edition II, and have a look around!

Watch out for more news of that project on Monday, and don't forget - there'll be more releases next month, too!