Project Log: Painting ALL survivors in alphabetical order
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    Default Project Log: Painting ALL survivors in alphabetical order

    Hi CMoN forums! I've recently started playing Zombicide, and have set myself the challenge to have all existing survivors finished by the time Season 3 is delivered. I painted all the original starters when I first got it, so they're done already, but now I'm going to work through ALL other survivors in Alphabetical order until they're done.

    Except Bill. Waiting for Night Kit 3 for him!

    so the original survivors:

    and the first in my alphabet, Achille!
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    Very nice looking, even sideways! Thanks for sharing!

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    Yeah, don't know why the attachment still appears... I deleted it when I decided to tinypic it :P but thanks! Next is Angry Mary

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    very nice job...Grats!

    I'm actually thinking about painting my own heroes (when I become the new ones of season 3 + kickstarter) but I'm not sure about the technic I want to use.
    Do you also use citadel ink for shadows? Or just the normal painting?

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    May have to deviate slightly from the alphabet for the next few, as I am waiting for some Shades to dry (I am using Citadel shades). But more to come!

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    Alphabetic plan is out the window as had to get requests ready for a game night, so here are the eight characters (human and zombivor) being used this Friday for a game night. I also have more humans painted, but will update those in their proper places. Sorry for lighting.

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    You do some great details! Inks and drybrushing, is that how you do it? Or do you layer?

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    Depends on the character/colour/part. Skin in layered, denim is drybrushed. I use both techniques.

    First step with all is spray black, then spray white from above to give some basic shadows, then wash each area. Then paint!

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    Great looking work all around. The only thing that sticks out and catches my eye though is the lipstick on the ladies. Looks a little heavy in the pics but it may look good in real life so take that with a grain of salt. Truth be told though I've been painting off and on since the 80"s and lips and eyes have always been the trickiest thing to pull off. I'd often do lips in a more pinkish shade, but that's just me. But you're building up a collection to be proud off and as always thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Thanks! And point definitely taken regarding lips. The more natural wearers like Wanda and Helen are fine, but those with deep and dark colours like Mary and Amy do have a tendency to look a bit clownish. I'll keep practising! It's not quite as bad as the camera makes out, by efinitely. Point to work on.

    I'll post when I get more done!

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