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Thread: Any updates for EU backers?

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    As we're making a list of well run kickstarters, I'd add Bernhard Hamaker's "Japanese: The Game" to the top of my list.

    He had over 2700 backers for his first project and he's had a raft of logistic issues. He's kept us up to date every step of the way. I commented on a thread last night and he sent me a PM within 5 minutes. Though the deliverable isn't comparable, he's one passionate person dedicated to every backer who trusted him.

    He's just started his second project:
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    I love this game, I honestly do. But the treatment of EU backers by CMoN beats everything. While I spend +$300 on Eastern Front I'm not spending a penny on a new CMoN KS.

    Sorry Ted, I love your work, but your partner just sucks

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    Update on the KS comments:

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy The Sane
    For all those who think we EU-backers are whingeing and moaning about nothing, I sent CMoN a message last week and had the following response today:
    Hi CoolMiniOrNot,
    I was wondering if you had an update on the EU shipment please? The last update said the boat had left port on September 8th and was due to dock on October 12th, has it arrived in Germany yet?
    Many thanks,
    Hi Andy,
    We will look into this issue. Please contact us next Friday if we have still not updated on the shipment for our EU backers.
    Thanks for your support!
    This is laughable! CMoN want me to let them know if they've not updated the EU backers by next week?
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    At least they bothered to reply, thats more than most get :/

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    Well they finally gave us the news, so next we can hope for the tracking and finally the toys.

    Biomage, I do not think many here are unaware at the delays that can occur in KS's, but generally that is in the run up to completion. WAve 2 was completed around four months ago, US shipping has well finished. The frustration on the part of EU and UK backers is the total lack of urgency to even give the smallest amount of information after a month or so.

    Anyway the hard part is nearly done and we can finally enjoy the game

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    A week since the last update , any EU backers received any shipping notice yet?

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    All quiet on the Eastern Front!
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    Amazingly, the gap between US and EU delivery for CMON kickstarters actually seems to be increasing - it was a little under 2 months for Relic Knights, and we're over the 2 month mark already with Rivet Wars, with no deliveries in sight.

    I really hope that CMON are upfront with backers in future Kickstarters and tell them that EU backers can expect an extra 2 month delay on top of however late the project delivery is (5 months in the case of Rivet Wars wave 2). Some honesty upfront might stop the complaints later on from people who aren't aware of CMON's USA-first policy.

    Unfortunately honesty doesn't seem to be CMON's strong-suit, given that they claimed in their latest Kickstarter to have already successfully delivered Rivet Wars! XD

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    I am sorry CMoN you finally update us and apologise for your mishandling but then go quiet again - sadly you are busy promoting another KS before finishing off your duty to your existing backers and really queering the pitch if you need our support again

    I understand the shipper is prepping but have you confirmed they actually have the boxes to hand - last time they apparently did not realise and another couple of weeks was lost.

    Simple question and answer - are you actually shipping and what are the packing details and potential eta's.
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    Would somebody from CMoN come over here or on the kickstarter page to please explain WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE EU ORDERS!!!! It's now more than 10 days since your last excuse and statement that the container had arrived. But as far as I know nobody has seen a glimpse of the 2nd wave in the EU. So what's really happening or do you still not follow-up EU shipments?

    A former CMoN KS backer

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    Here's an update for you, you can now buy the expansions from IGUK as they have them IN STOCK! So where are ours, you know, the guy's who backed you for $500, remember us?

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    all EU backers should contact KS to report than CMON don't do his part of the "Trust & safety " chart

    with a threat of being kick out of kickstarter,maybe they learn to be more reactive and honest with the rest of the world
    Supportes TES CouleurS et embrasse TA Douille !

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    Well, we can report them but sadly CMoN are big players in the KS market and they have made sure that they have served their biggest customer base, the US. Therefore I would sadly conclude this will be **ssing against the wind.

    I just cannot believe that noone from CMoN will reply here or on the main page and let us know what is going on or maybe I do, as it took them weeks to confirm there were packing issues in China, even more weeks to annpunce the delayed boat arrival.....

    However it seems that UK retailers have not had the same problems getting their stock. - peobably direct from CMoN themselves from the healthy stock they have shipped over to the US

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    with that kind of thinking don't expect CMON to change their way to deal with you, with or without wind you're gonna be drench by piss...
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    Hey CMON, any chance of any bloody news? Or are you going to stay hidden and silent till the stuff for your European backers turns up on the Arcadia Quest ship then magically appears so you can blame penny pinching cost savings on a misunderstanding with the distributors?

    Come on, come over to the Rivet kick starter page and talk to us. Explain how your product is available in retail outlets across the UK but there isn't a hint of anything for backers? Drop the ball again did you? Are we going to get another sorry excuse for an apology?

    I hope you are ashamed of yourselves. Your customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I dread to think when Wrath of Kings will show up! But I doubt any of you are losing any sleep over it are you. I guess the only thing we can do is carry on spreading the word about how bad you really are to deal with outside of the states and hope it hits you where it hurts.

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    I sent a mail to CMoN

    "I wonder what is going on with the Rivet Wars 2nd wave shipments to the EU?
    It has been a long time since you confirmed that the shipment arrived in Germany, but we have received no update since then or received any tracking numbers.
    We have also noticed that UK retailers are now stocking 2nd wave expansions, which is very odd since no EU backer have received any shipments yet. I think that everyone assumed being a backer would mean that you actually would get the game before the retailers.
    The mood on the EU backers forum is degrading and people are in general very upset of the lack of information and progress in the shipping to the end customers.
    I strongly suggest that you start improving your communication to your EU-customers in order gain some trust back."

    Got this answer:

    Thanks for contacting. Orders will be going out this week. Once I am provided your tracking number, I will upload to your Pledge Manager and also send you an email.
    Thanks for your Support."

    No explanations, just that they will start shipping this week. I wonder if it will happen....

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    at least an unofficial statement, this week mean next month to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonLenine View Post
    at least an unofficial statement, this week mean next month to me
    They ain't updated the kickstarter page so as far as I'm concerned it's not true. And if they are starting this week, what the hell have they been doing for the past 2 weeks, what's to 'prep' for the already sorted boxes?
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    If you haven't seen there's an update today from CMoN. They indicate that the shipments should be going out to EU backers this week.

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    Ted, the update is far too little far too late!

    I am done with the company and will not be investing more in the game. Like many other EU backers I am expressing my total disatisfaction with my wallet.

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