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Thread: Who is Who in the Arcadia Quest Universe ?

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    Default Who is Who in the Arcadia Quest Universe ?

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    Who else?!
    With your help we can identify them all ;D
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    Awesome. Though I thought King Aaron was Brian Blessed (Richard IV) from The Black Adder:

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    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Hey Decar, yes I also thought of Brian Blessed too as i photoshoped these cards, but I noticed that the crown with the silver helmet behind the golden crown better belongs to the Monty Pythons "King Arthur" figure.

    Here some other hints:
    Nibbles - ? Vizzerdrix (Magic:The Gathering)
    Wisp - ? Kakashi, Strider or Smoke(Mortal Combat)
    Maya - ? Jaina Proudmore (Blizzard's Warcraft Universe)
    Sonja - ? Red Sonja

    The Nameless - Voldemort (Harry Potter)
    The Heartless - Belatrix (Harry Potter)
    The Faceless - Death Eaters (Harry Potter)
    Frank - Frankenstein
    Dr. Spider - Gene Wilder (Dr. Frankenstein)
    Ivan - Marty Feldman (Igor)

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    I can´t see hardly any similarities from Sonja to Sonja the Red.

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    On mobile so just posting the link. But sonja looks closer to Xena from season 6.

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    I updated Spike as dwarf slayer (warhammer)
    What you think about dcartagena suggestion for Sonja - Xena (season6) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raid3d View Post
    Hey Decar, yes I also thought of Brian Blessed too as i photoshoped these cards, but I noticed that the crown with the silver helmet behind the golden crown better belongs to the Monty Pythons "King Arthur" figure.
    Further evidence that this is M.P. King Arthur: Bob the Summoner is very obviously Tim the Enchanter from the same series.

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    I agree at least Sonja's outfit could be a take on Marvel's Red Sonja.

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    Hello my Fellow Arcadians,

    updated Bob the Conjurer - Thanks to Zip!´s hint - YEAH ;D
    So this gets me to the conclusion that Nibbles is: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog!!!

    @Bastu: Yes the outfit looks like Sonja - But if we compare all other figures so far, the arcadian heros are build up very near/similar to their originals...
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    Pigsy and the Monkey King have been identified
    Big thanks to Sean Gros for his useful hints!!!
    There exist many film versions of this chinese tale - so i picked up the best fitting pictures compared to the arcadian hero cards...
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    Sean here. Would say Bowie and Sting could be Arkail (Sting), and Styx (Sting) of "Of Orcs and Goblins" video game fame
    Zazu wise. I would start with Diablo 3 monk; main clothing style and staff is shaolin monk; Hard to find a guy with chops without the mustache though Hugh Jackman Wolverine is close though without the butt chin.
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    Hey there,
    added Maya, Wisp and Pluck.

    If you have better suggestions to any hero, please let me know!
    Many Thanks for all these hints so far. I start also a monster who is who soon...hope i will get all monster pictures together :/

    @namkcor/Sean u mean Hugh Jackman as Zazu? or you mean King of Beggars with his claws?
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    When I heard of Montoya, I always thought of Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride. The catchphrase seems to reflect that too, "You killed my father, prepare to die".
    Haven't seen Highlander in many years, but the model sure does match the picture up there.

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    Was trying to get as close to a character with the mutton chop sideburns like zazu. wouldnt really go for hugh jackman for king of thieves as zazu was far fetched. King of thieves may go for Sa'luk (from Aladdin king of thieves) when hes in disguise (I think he was in disguise after he betrays his fellow thieves and talks to the guards about cassim). he does use a claw weapon. Elysia I might lean towards Natalia Vodianova from Clash of the Titans (2010), she played the medusa.

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    Wow, I pledged for this and had no idea that these were parody characters like zombicide (except for Mr. Legolas who was easy to see). This makes me love the game more!!

    Oh and I think the bald wizard guy is the bad guy from Harry Potter

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    Scarlet's design has been bugging me, it seemed so familiar but I couldn't place it. I just realized why, if you remove the cape she looks a lot like Black widow (Scarlett Johansson) in Avengers.

    The other two which struck me as close: Beggar Queen looks a lot like Gabrielle from early Xena episodes, Zazu looks like Jason Tripitikas from 'The Forbidden Kingdom'

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    Also, I'm pretty sure Zazu is Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd in monk gear. In one of the Lupin movies, he actually became a Buddhist monk for a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batsugame View Post
    Also, I'm pretty sure Zazu is Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd in monk gear. In one of the Lupin movies, he actually became a Buddhist monk for a time.

    I knew I saw him somewhere, cant belive I forgot lupin the 3rd anime.

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    Gallery is now updated with Elysia and Zazu.
    Thanks again for all your help!

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