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    If you have any friends that haven't got into the fight yet, Rivet Wars is currently Miniature Market's deal of the Day.

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    $48 is a steal.

    For that much I ended up buying another core box! Ugh.
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    55 shipped to Mass.
    Good Timing
    The kids and I opened up Blitzkrieg then tried to put together Eastern Front.
    Funny that: 1st, I lost the directions (might be in a sketch book), 2nd needed more tiles to cover the kitchen table, 3rd and may be the most costly, the youngest got WAY more into this than I though and may try to paint mine.

    an extra MT Ostrich and extra Sturmpanzer are 40 combined

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    Why not buy 2! Then spend $3 more and get free shipping!

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    I missed it the last time it was the Deal of the Day. Picked up an extra copy this time and added it to my expansion preorders.

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    You know when the table top rules come out, you'll all regret not buying 3!

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    oh drat, late to the party... all sold out. :P

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