Quick and Dirty Zombicide Toxic and Berserker bases?
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Thread: Quick and Dirty Zombicide Toxic and Berserker bases?

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    Default Quick and Dirty Zombicide Toxic and Berserker bases?

    To help distinguish my regular Zombicide zombies vs. Toxic and Berserker, I'd like to give the Toxic and Berserker bases a different look. The bases still have to look urban, and need to be made easily.

    With the regular zombies, I'm using fine craft sand, black paint, and grey drybrush, for an "asphalt" look. I guess with Toxic, I'm thinking of using glue mixed with paint for a toxic spill on some sort of surface. For Berserker, I'm thinking of a blood splatter on the base. Again, I'm only going for tabletop, but if anyone has any pics or other base advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    EDIT: I'm less interested in color-coding the edges of the bases, since I might use the zombies in other games.

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    I've only done my normal Zombies at this stage. But I have plans for distinguishing them all.

    I have gone for dark grey rubble strewn asphalt with my normal Zombies.
    I'm planning on using a much lighter grey for the Toxics and including puddles of water effects with bright green ink mixed in, that or a bright green Tamiya clear I have. Maybe some cans made out of the plastic in a cue tip and newspaper made from crumpled paper with tiny gibberish printed on it (saw both these ideas in the zombicide section of the forums here).
    For the Berserkers I was going to go with more of a redy/brown dirt maybe with chunks of concrete and bits of metal.
    I have also used more muted, dark colours on my walkers and gone with bright poppy colours on the runners to help pick them out.

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