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    Cool Your Guild Builds

    Love the idea of this build, will definitely use it in our 2nd game! (1st game guild still to be decided...)

    1. Prince Aaron
    2. Nibbles
    3. Hobsbawm

    Prince Aaron, geared up defensively where possible, gets up close and personal activating his -2 to enemy def. Hobsbawm then attacks with Magic, then activating Nibbles to finish off whats left until everything in the area is lunch/dinner. Nibbles gets fed, Aaron hopefully is able to hold his own in defense, while Hobs stays back out of the fray casting his magic and activating Nibbles!

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    I've thought about it a little bit. Our 1st game is going to be limited drafting, but the 2nd game is going to be free choice.

    1 Kanga
    2 Monkey King
    3 Maya

    I thought of this guild while trying to think of a way to utilize the small amount of equipment early in the game. Monkey King would recieve the rusty blade and parrying blade to boast his defense (to better utilize his ability) and deal out some damage. He will also be use to fetch objectives. Kanga will have the Slingshot and Life Drain. Hopefully, she will be able to rack up some hits with the slingshot (without exhausting it) while topping herself off with health from life drain. That leaves only Nova bolt. Giving it to Maya allows her to use it twice. The hope is that I can get maximum use out of my heroes before being forced to rest.

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    I'm tempted to try out:
    1) Johan
    2) Wisp
    3) Bob

    Use Bob to teleport Wisp forward and then he can carry on moving without proviking guard reactions for movement.
    Have Johan I like because even with just rusty blade equipped at the start of the game he can attack in melee or range and is pretty solid in terms of defence and HP.

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    I'll play my first several campaigns with drafts, but I like some of the potential of this guild:

    1.) Prince Aaron
    2.) Viktor
    3.) Monkey Queen

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    Maybe this guild too:

    1) Hitch - a heavily defensive build
    2) Maya - magic build
    3) Hitch - non-magic ranged build

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