Hi folks, apologies if this post breaks any rules but I haven't had the time to read them just yet. Not trolling, just busy, promise!

I'm just getting into the hobby and absolutely won't pay the prices GW charge. I'm trying to build a little army on the cheap, and picked SM because they're likely to have the most pre-owned models floating around on the internet. I've managed to acquire a good infantry base, but from the very beginning I /really/ wanted to use scout snipers (even if just to paint them..) and just haven't found any!

I'm looking for Space Marine Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles, particularly the model who's kneeling. Preferably the plastic ones, but that's really because I can't afford to pay what most people are looking for for their metal ones. Anyone looking to shift their scouts, scout bits or sniper rifles, please get in contact with me! PMs or Posts here will work so long as(/when) I remember to check back, e-mails to DeeJaySF[at]Gmail[dot]com should be seen much more quickly.

Thanks folks!