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    I got an extra Blitzkrieg set for the non-unique units and have decided to sell the heroes and extra stuff. I tried to price things fair and cheaper than retailers and eBay. Payment through Paypal. I can set up a sale through BGG if you want.

    Shipping is not included in the price. For shipping in the U.S., I will pay a percentage of shipping equal to amount spent. So, spend $50 and I will pay for half of the shipping. Spend $100 and shipping is free!

    International shipping will vary, but may be expensive. I can try to give you a shipping quote.

    If interested, let me know.

    All units come with the appropriate cards.

    R100 and plug ($12)
    Rosie and Rosie plug ($12)
    Atomic Robo ($12)
    Red Baron ($16)
    Reme Funck ($16)
    Uncle Rivet alt ($6)
    Iron Chancellor alt ($6)
    Terror Nova alt ($6)
    Cruel Minie alt ($6)

    Terrain pack ($21)
    Custom dice set ($6)
    War Room Expansion ($20)
    Base Game ($60)

    Baron Munchen and plug ($5)
    Lt McCleod and plug ($5)
    Lt Brasseuldun ($4)
    Patston plug ($2)
    Romler plug ($2)
    M2 Wolverine ($2)
    Captain Parman ($2)
    Gaston Tankken ($2)
    Jager Konig ($2)
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