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    Yehp, this is it. A Post to really discuss the big guys. So, people have mentioned they want big units. Walking battleships a-la my story, large scaled rolling bases, and ships to bring other ships.

    Well, concept for such things has been released, so I want to open up discussion on the matter.

    1. Do we even want titan units? As sad as it is for me, an advocate of more and different units, to say... I don't think we truly want them. Bigger units where we don't have room to put them. They'd be expensive, they require a bigger play set, and with all the units and figures we have already it's long enough setting up and tearing down a game. Also, how would we feel if our enemy took out such a beast of a unit? I just think it is a cool thought that just can't work in true gameplay.
    2. If one was introduced, should they even have a combat roll? Or should they just assist/buff units. Maybe even act as a tile in and of themself. Can you imagine a battlefield set up on the deck of a massive battleship?
    3. What units could possible combat that to any extent? Only a small handful can even hope to damage such a unit. However, I got an idea. There should be mandatory plugs on a titan unit, plugs which give it movement or an attack or something, but THEY have armor type two or something. The other units must make their way around the titan or even onto the deck of it to attack and damage those plugs. Their destruction would then damage the titan unit along with just wailing on it with bigger units.

    Oh, and I shall leave you with this:

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    These are just my thoughts and worries about actually getting titan units. Would be fun, but they would obviously cost alot just for them themselves and then would their in-game benefit outweigh their cost? Just my thoughts on the matter.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Honestly, I hope we don't see anything bigger than, the current tanks from heavy metal, for a long while. Anything bigger than that is just getting silly.

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    i would love to see them as a sort of new game tipe, where the titan is scriptet, and is fought coop by multiple player!

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    I think Titans/Leviathans would be almost a different game mode. I didn't realize how big they are supposed to be conceptually at first. Now it looks like they'd likely take up a whole tile the way some units take up a whole grid and that they'd be the center of a scenario. You wouldn't be able to just build one during play, it's either on the board from the outset or not and your side is built around it. Maybe it's the sole source of your deployment zones. Maybe you get reduced build points to offset the attacks & abilities it grants.

    I like the notion that is has destructible sub components. This reminds me a lot of the old wargame "Ogre" where one side had standard units and the other side had one big unit with multiple parts that could be attacked and destroyed separately. I also like the idea that it can contain other units somehow, either offering transport, protection, or build/deployment capabilities. I have no idea how you would handle movement if it's more than a few grids in size though. Seems like to match concept it would have to be a full tile in size, then you have to wonder what happens if it wants to advance into occupied grids, or even grids that have 3D terrain or air units. Tank shock wouldn't quite cover it.

    Price point and meta-game wise, I think it would make sense to hold off on rolling these out until after Western Front is out. I saw a post or quote from Ted somewhere (cannot recall) where he hinted that there might be water based units and buildings that can be entered/destroyed in the future. I think that's enough challenge to get out there for now.

    The easy way to do this would be to just roll out titans as a dedicated tile that plops at one edge of the battlefield. Who wants easy though? I think anyone that loves the rivet wars model designs will want to see a big chunk of plastic dominating the table.

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    For my 2 cents (pence) worth I'm really looking forward to the titans/lathiathons. i'm hoping for a mix of both as each factions 'signaiture piece,' maybe 1 has a land train looking vehicle, another a tracked vessel, maybe 1 faction's is an air unit instead, and of course there's the huge robots, which I picture as suped up larger versions of the Landkrieger and M2 Boss. As for the scaling, I do agree that something as large as the picture included would be a shelf piece rather than a game piece. Saying that though I don't see why the 'titans' have to be too much bigger than a single grid. Maybe just one by two grids, with titans being two wide by 1 deep, and landships being the reverse. This would make movement around the board less problematic.
    possibly a dynamic like in warhammer where the front sections has a higher armour value than the rear in case they are too overpowered.

    But i don't think anybody could say that the model pictured with all the rivets and gribbly bits would not also be awesome, if only just to sit and ogle it : )

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    I love the idea of a large vehicle that has to be attacked at several weak points to take out turrets and so on, it'd be just like playing an old video game boss fight, like something from R-Type! That said, more huge units weaken the game's strategic play - the larger the unit, the less flexible the grid system becomes and full-grid units ignore that element entirely. Really massive units would only really work with the board-free wargame rules in my opinion, so instead I would prefer to see more heavily armoured things, perhaps in the form of pluggable buildings.

    The armour rating doesn't necessarily have to mean a physically larger unit anyway - imagine a super-heavy 5 armour 'MKII' Sturmpanzer for instance, or 2 armour 'brute' infantry - and as has been mentioned, there could be an implementation of 'real world' tank armour, where the front, sides and back have a different rating, putting more value on positioning to attack such a foe.

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