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    Default Healing?

    I haven't played the game yet (eagerly waiting for the KS to ship to me) but flipping through the rules, I was wondering - is there a way to heal wounds?
    I see that resting restores dead characters, but doesn't heal wounded characters that are still alive.
    A few characters have self-healing abilities, but I don't see a way for most characters to heal.
    Maybe there are items that heal?

    Or maybe since respawing is easy, for the most part there is no healing?

    Just wondering.

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    I seem to recall healing potions in a demo game I watched on Youtube. I'm at work and can't confirm, and could have my wires crossed with another gameplay vid.

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    Potions can be found as pick-ups, and one of the starting items is Life Drain. There have been a couple of items revealed that involve the healing of guildmates as well. I think they tried to stay away from too much healing. I'm cautious about anyone building a team of heroes with healing abilities as it might be a bit over powered. We shall see though
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    In Episode 2 of the Watch It Played video, they used a potion to heal.

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