Couple of questions about Wave 2
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Thread: Couple of questions about Wave 2

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    Default Couple of questions about Wave 2

    Hi all!

    I just received my Wave 2 shipment, and it's pretty much awesome!

    I did have a couple of quick questions, though:

    1. How big exactly is the poster print lithograph? Is it a standard size, or will I have to get a custom frame for it?

    2. Unfortunately, my R100 figure from the Blitzkrieg box is missing his left arm. The plug version is fine. Is there any way to get this fixed or replaced? Any help would be appreciated!

    Anyway, I'm off to set up some epic Rivet Wars battles!

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    I think the lithograph is the same size as a standard piece of printer paper. To replace your damaged piece, I'd contact CMoN support, but be patient. They are very busy.

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