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    (In case anyone is wondering, I am shamelessly borrowing images for the characters from the interwebs).

    The first of my custom heroes for homebrew games. I hope to do some mini sculpts for these in the future.

    Name:  Hero Card - Agrias.jpg
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    Agrias - 3/3 - Honor Guard - may exhaust hero to redirect an attack targeting a close ally. That attack will instead target Agrias.

    My Second Hero

    Coat - 2/4 - Naming - If Coat successfully attacks a hero or villain, place a marker on it. Coat counts as being close and having LOS for his attacks on marked target. If Coat or the target dies, remove this marker.

    Name:  Coat - Hero_edited-2.jpg
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    A third hero

    Edward - 2/3 - Alchemy - Once per activation, may use two points of movement at any point during his movement to create a door between his current space and a close space.
    Name:  Edward - Hero Edited_edited-2.jpg
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    Loving the cards Arydis. Any chance I could get a copy of the template you are using?

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    You can download the blank card images here:

    I made an online card creator if you just want something to toy with.
    It's just a quick prototype, obviously:

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    Cheers *Terminus. I knew about the blanks, but that card creator is something else. Well done sir. I'd love to do something like that with my Forgotten King template.
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    Terminus - That is a sweet card creator.

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    Agreed!!! Very nice work on the card generator! Thanks for doing it!

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