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    "whiney"? While his video is a bit too long (albeit I see his reasons for this) I think his points are fair and considerate and not whiney in any way. If I would have been ripped of that badly, I would probably spew so much hate that Khorne looks like a Care Bear in comparison... or send them a nurgle force laced with real anthrax to paint :-P
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    Well, anger I could understand.

    And I can sense the poor guys frustration, but the tone of his voice, and the continual sighs made me give up trying to watch it all. Maybe it's just the format of the review.

    I still feel for the guy, sounds like he has a lot of $ invested for very little return.
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    With commission painting as a business (or any business) you take on a great responsibility in lot of different directions.
    These different facets can be very difficult to manage, but regardless of how difficult they may appear they should never be ignored.
    These things are;
    The right staff
    The right product
    The right price
    The right service

    Communication is the key to wether or not these things will affect your Reputation in a positive or negative way.
    Through good communication, staff, service and price we help keep the experience the customer has SAFE.
    These are the areas that are in need of a critical and caring eye as far as this persons commission painting experience has gone.

    I personally have learned all these lessons over Golem Painting Studios first few years and I am glad to say they are a natural part of what we do and how we run our business.
    With integrity.

    In the wise words of Mr Tom Kirby
    "make the right decision NOT the easy one"

    Tommie Soule
    CEO Golem Painting Studio

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Really big outfit huh? One room out of this dude's house.

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    I have a question for you all. From the perspective of an experienced artist that wants to get into painting war gaming pieces, much time do you think it would take to learn how to do this? I applied to be an artist for BTP as classes specific to the industry were promised. I got one hour. The rest of the training was held hostage pending the outcome of my test set, ...which I was finally able to produce well after a reference photo was provided, but then communication ended after a very insulting email...very dis appointing.. I was looking forward to becoming a painter in the gaming world...I enjoyed my 15 hours...and would like to continue to learn. What advice do ye all have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerartist View Post
    I was looking forward to becoming a painter in the gaming world...I enjoyed my 15 hours...and would like to continue to learn. What advice do ye all have?
    Firstly let us see what you can produce, then we can offer advice.


    The Model Painting as a Business world has been, and still is to an extent, flooded with “studio’s’ producing armies of widely differing qualities.
    Even attempting to paint single figures to a ‘Collector or Box art” level, The marketplace is an extremely hard place to attempt.
    Our hobby is littered with the history of people who have burnt out, bitten off more than they can chew and/or fallen by the wayside.

    So please don’t expect to make a huge living out of this.
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    ohh you threadomancer

    how much time it takes to learn to paint: depends on the quality you want. For really basic things a weekenf workshop with a good teacher is enough. Even for display pieces it can take as few as a few months depending on how much you practice and if you have a good teacher to turn to. Imho with 12-16 hours painting/day + good teacher you can get really good within 2 months, BUT that much hours put in can burn you out, so it is a risk.

    BTP: wow, I'm surprised they still exist... and after seeing pics of their work they should NOT do painting classes. It's like someone blind guiding others. Also I read horror stories about how they handle the painters and I have to say: be glad they didn't take you, you dodged the bullet.

    Advice: you do NOT need companies to teach you, you can learn on your own. Even having a teacher only speeds up the process not mandatory.
    Read / watch tutorials and practice a LOT with the goal of having each mini better up to your preferred quality.

    What to watch/read/do (some suggestions):
    - YT WarhammerTV ( ), mostly TTQ/gaming level
    - YT Ghoul's videos are good ( ), videos are mostly intermediate level
    - YT Painting Buddha are really good ( ), intermediate to high , They are not anymore, but Ben continued the videos on Parteon
    -'s videos, some are quite nice, some not.

    - , great articles
    - figurepaintermagazine, for about 50gpb you can have all the issues released, each issue has 1-2 nice tutorials and a lot of other articles
    - Angel Giraldez books are ok-ish
    - Scale75 books are ok-ish

    - painting workshops if you have the chance. For example Jarhead's beginner WS in germany (sometimes other eu countries) is great. In 2 days you learn more than in a year or two on your own.
    - trying to join a local group who paint
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