If I was going to buy a miniatures game today...
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Thread: If I was going to buy a miniatures game today...

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    Default If I was going to buy a miniatures game today...

    ... what should I be getting? And why? I want to buy it right away, mind you, no Kickstarters or preorders.

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    Well, I'm more of a painter than a gamer, but I'd say pick something your friends are playing! Or check out what gets played at your local hobby store.

    Seems games like Infinty, Malifaux, and X-Wing are all pretty popular these days. The impression I've got is these games require less models so lower startup cost and faster time to get up and playing. Something like Warmachine/Hordes might be a bit bigger but still more of a skirmish game. Warhammer fantasy and 40k never seem to go away and have plenty of tournament opportunities if you like that sort of thing, but its a much bigger investment and the quality of the sculpts has been going downhill in my opinion.

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    Infinity. Operation ice storm. Has everything you need to start a 2 player game and for about 100 bucks that's not bad. I left gaming for painting a few years ago, but that one has sorely tempted me to come back with its sexy skirmish rules and awesome sculpts... NO! I will resist!
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    dropzone commander.
    now with the new starter armies in plastic they look super.

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    Could get into Beyond the Gates of Antares. The sci-fi game Rick Priestly is working up with Warlord Games(a company made up of ex-GW peeps). It's early days and feels much like GW did in the 80's with the release of minis, anything goes atmosphere, and back and forth between punters and developers.
    I guess the facebook page would be the entrance. https://www.facebook.com/groups/694286423936769/
    From what I understand you can sign up for a free copy of the rules as they stand.

    Mantic are another ex-GW led firm. They feel a bit more like a 90's GW to me. They've battle size games, though the sci-fi skirmish game Deadzone and their sci-fi fantasy football game Dreadball have received louder praise from what I've heard. There's already half a dozen alien factions to pick from.

    If Steampunk is more your thing could keep an eye out for Infamy Miniatiures. They're models are possibly the best in existence. A game recently went through a kickstarter, where you play just a few models either side with a level of detail and character you can't have in bigger battles. Could maybe srat with picking up some of the minis that really entice you.

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    Warmachine or Hordes would be my recommend. The rules are best out there IMO and the models looks really nice.

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    Space hulk if you can find a copy. Self contained, awesome minis and a board to play it on. It rules in my house with the kids

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    I love Deadzone. I know you said no Kickstarters, but Mantic doesn't include many exclusives so you can get into the game in retail.

    I also highly suggest Malifaux. A crew can be 5-8 figs. The game is very unique, requires tons of strategy, and is very expandable in small increments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sannop2 View Post
    I love Deadzone. I know you said no Kickstarters, but Mantic doesn't include many exclusives so you can get into the game in retail.
    By "no Kickstarter" I think he ment games that are already in retail and can be purchased imediatly

    If you are looking for a game you are more likly to find other people playing, I'd say Warmachine/Hordes or 40k.

    I like alot of the smaller newer games but their biggest drawback is nobody plays them

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I've looked all the games you suggested, and what ticked my interest was Malifaux. I couldn't get it locally though, so I decided to wait untill I was able to paint more of what I already have (and also save up some money in advance). Hopefully, I'll be buying into it around Christmas.

    Also, Digclaw was right - previously Kickstartered games are okay, I just didn't want to wait a year for it (already have a couple of those).

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