Queen of Beggars + Das Boots + Das Boots= ???
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Thread: Queen of Beggars + Das Boots + Das Boots= ???

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    Default Queen of Beggars + Das Boots + Das Boots= ???

    So after our group's playthrough of the first scenario, one of our players with the Queen of Beggars selected two copies of the card "Das Boots" and another item for his upgrades. I will let my group talk through how this will play out, but offer up for suggestions the following question - How does the Queen of Beggars ability interact with the ability of Das Boots?

    Queen of Beggars - If she ends her movement close to an enemy hero, he must give her an exploration token or take 1 wound (limit 1 hero per turn).

    Das Boots - (paraphrase - I don't recall the card's exact text atm) - When you activate another hero, this hero can move 1.

    So, if activating another hero, I presume that with two copies of Das Boots that the QoB could move two spaces, but would her ability trigger? (I am thinking so) I further presume from the (limit 1 Hero per turn) text that it would only trigger once as well.

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    The Queen of Beggar's ability triggers when she "end her movement", which is the whole phase of her activation when she can move, open doors, use portals... Das Boot only "moves" the Hero 1 space. That hero is not performing its movement.

    That also means the Queen can use her ability without actually moving. She just needs to end her movement close to an enemy.

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    For the sake of the playthrough, I might go by a different interpretation of the rules. At the time when purchasing the equipment, he made his upgrade choices thinking it would play a certain way. Though we will talk about how this will be interpreted for future plays.

    So, in short, the QoB has to activate to use this ability. She then "ends her movement" during the activation (having moved or not) and can trigger the ability. Abilities/Equips that move her do not trigger her ability.

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    'Movement' and 'being moved' I think can clearly be considered two different things as many effects like Shove and the Windstorm result in models 'being moved' which shouldn't trigger her skill.

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    Those two examples are much clearer as the movement is being done by someone else. Das Boots is a little more vague.

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    I agree that that isn't her move. Hopefully they rule officially this way. Power gamers can always find a way to ruin a game.

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    Oh, FYI, the Loophole Master is the "official" ruling. I just won't be playing it that way during this playthrough because of how it would have affected game decisions during upgrade. For this playthrough, I think our group will allow the Das Boots to trigger the QoB ability once per turn. In the last round, I collected exploration tokens and then hid that hero because he was holding over 7 coins. So I think the player with the Queen of Beggars will find that exploration tokens just make you a target.

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    For consistency, the text should probably have been, "When you activate a different hero, place this hero in a Close space."

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    I think "may be moved" would be sufficient as opposed to "move"

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnbobhardy View Post
    For consistency, the text should probably have been, "When you activate a different hero, place this hero in a Close space."
    If that were the wording, then it wouldn't trigger Guard Reaction.

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    If QoB ends her movement next to someone with no tokens, does she do an automatic one wound? Or does her target need a token to be a valid target?

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    I would say that she does a Wound. I see no reason why not.

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    No reason in the text, yes, but after playing our first scenario she was incredibly powerful, in basically being able to auto-wound. We only played the one game, so it may be too early to really tell if she's overpowered, but I just wanted to get a confirmation before our next playthrough.

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    We play it as the enemy hero does not need to have a token to be a valid target. So yes, this means that she is dealing an auto wound. In the last game I played, it also meant that she was killed. . . a lot.

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