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    Hello, first of all, English is not my first language, so I will commit mistakes.

    I'm creating a new game mode for zombicide, which doesn't require you to setup the whole map from the start. Instead, all players start in a single tile chosen through a "Tile Card" (I'm creating in Photoshop) that composes a deck, basically a card with up and down (like common poker cards), that shows the 2 sides of the tile, and you use the one in the top of the card. Each one of these cards already shows a number of doors and spawn markers, and the player places them as he wishes.

    The card will be like this:
    B1 (map identification)
    3 doors
    2 zombie spawns
    Buy 2 Event Cards
    And if you turn the card upside down, there will be:
    C1 (the map in the back of B1, I think)
    2 doors
    2 zombie spawns
    Buy 1 Event Card
    So, the cards should have a neutral image in the back, not showing a "right" or "up" side.

    When a player steps into a zone with a spawn marker, he buys a "Tile Card" and places the new tile continuing the path, like he was "discovering a new area". This new tile substitutes that spawn marker (we consider that the zombies were coming from this new revealed tile), and there will be new spawn markers, in fact passages to new tiles. The player immediately spawns zombies from the zombies deck on a street zone of his choice in the new tile.

    Each "Tile Card" tells you to buy one or more "Event Cards" (Also creating on Photoshop), which says things like:
    • You spot a police car with the keys inside! - place a driveable police car in the new tile.
    • Barricades! - place 2 barricades in the new tile.
    • You find evidence of the presence of a Psychopath! - place a colored door to show a room with a psycho survivor (we will need a "Survivor Deck" for randomization, which you can also use to randomize starting survivors for the players).
    • They are getting anger! (or) Dusk is coming! - take X zombies of the zombies box out of the game, where X is the top zombie card from the zombie cards discard pile (this reduces zombies in the box, and gradually raises multiple activations, perhaps this effect will come in every Event Card).
    • They are near! - imediatelly spawn one zombie marker in the new map for each 5 noise tokens in the game.
    • etcetera (vigil tower, mechanisms, debris)

    So, when players start to walk away from older tiles (let's say, 3 tiles away), they are replaced for spawn markers in the adjacent tile, so the map keeps moving forward without filling the whole table with tiles. This can lead to a big zombie chronicle! Those spawn markers should be of a different color to differentiate from the new explorable areas. Those areas cannot be "reopened" because zombies have already dominated them.
    As the game progresses, there will be less zombies available in the box (because of the event effects above), and more multiple activations. So, the players need to find the final objective as soon as possible.
    The game objective will probably come from an "Objective Card". Yep, there will be 4 different decks to create (Tiles, Events, Survivors and the Objective of the adventure), but I can handle that.

    What do you think? This game will keep tension high, an objective on focus and an unpredictable path to follow.

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    I am liking this, especially the "new tile replaces spawn tile and add x events"! Need to test this out...

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    I would love to work something similar out.

    Tile, placement, doors, events, spawn zone. Could this be on one deck or would it need multiple.

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    This might be of interest, I did this ruleset last year...

    This is a random city that evolves as you play with simple mechanics. Includes doors, tokens if need be and spawn points.

    Also so has a random mission generator. Never the same game twice...
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