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    While Wisps ability does not cause guard reaction, does picking up tokens, or anything else trigger guard reaction that Wisp does or is he totally immune to guard reaction other then retaliatory strikes?


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    Moving does not trigger guard reaction. Picking up tokens does not trigger a guard reaction normally, but you cannot pick up a token from a space containing an enemy. My understanding is that opening up doors and closing them is considered "moving" for these purposes.

    You may want to remember for Wisp that Payback reactions include attacking a non-close enemy (with range) when an enemy is close.

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    Guard reactions are triggered by moving and attacking. His ability states that he is immune to them while moving. Therefore, he is vulnerable to Guard reactions from attacking but not from moving.

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    Wisp does not trigger Guard Reaction when moving. Manipulating a door, using a portal and picking up tokens does not trigger Guard Reaction as a basic rule, so with Wisp it's no different.

    However, Wisp does trigger Guard reaction if he ignores Monsters Close to him when attacking.

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    I played against my son last week and he used Wisp to gather the necessary token and win one of the PvE without fighting a single monster. This character's power seems very imbalanced. Are there any house rules to bring this guy down a bit?

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