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    Oh, wow. It's time. I'm having some issues with a manageable Campaign Document for everyone, so I figured I would begin posting it here. I have started work on a MASSIVE campaign. It uses a great deal of Scenarios, from all around the community and the game. If you are looking for a gaming night or weekend with some variety, then you should try giving this campaign a try!

    Autumn of Blood

    An Interactive Campaign by: Landship Scorpios
    2 Players (Blight and Allied)

    Expect 2-5 hours of play or longer.


    Many campaigns have surfaced, and community campaigns will be all the rage in time. I thought I would take my own spin on campaigns. In this campaign, you will be taking Rivet Wars to the max for a good day of playing with your friends or family. I am designing this campaign to be flexible, to utilize the vast majority of Rivet Wars resources, to highlight community crafts and Scenarios, and to make each time you play interesting and new.

    If you haven’t already, it would be highly worth your time to check out the coolmini forums for Rivet Wars, as a great bunch of guys and gals over there put a great deal of enthusiasm into the game and many of what you will find to follow will be inspired by these people. Now, as my Campaign will show off my own work (Rivet Houses & Building Rules, Custom Scenarios & Gametypes) I shall also show off works from other community members and, of course, the creator Ted Terranova. Overall I do hope you all enjoy this campaign and I would always love to hear about your games or any suggestions to change this one or to help balance it.

    Any way, without further reading, I now present you with my version of a campaign. I hope you enjoy it.

    Campaign Rules

    This Campaign will be, on the whole, easy to follow. It can take as little or as long as you want. For the purpose of a “Normal” Game, I will base estimated times and Resources on the originals dictated in the Scenario unless otherwise stated.

    The campaign begins with Scenario 1, First Landing. See the Campaign Chart for reference. Depending on the result of that game (Blight Wins, or Allies Win) then the story continues through another Scenario. Victory is not measured by simple wins and losses, it is gained on how the story affects the world of Rivet. Keep an eye on which Scenarios go where before assuming a campaign could be over in four games. Campaigns could be done in one sitting, where one player is very skilled or lucky against the other, or maybe a scenario could turn the table and end up giving the loser enough momentum to change the tide.

    If, by any means, a scenario ends and it is deemed by both parties a “tie”, then flip a coin. This is “external forces” at work. It means despite the battle, side ______ “won” the engagement, and then you may continue along that track. If you wish, you may also dispute all ties with an extra Scenario. Please refer to the ‘Z’ Scenarios for tie breaks.

    In the event of a perceived “tie” in the campaign, to settle it with the ‘X’ Scenario(s). After hours of playing, by all means do put it all on the line with one, final, end-all scenario!

    If a hero is used in a scenario AND he dies, then he can NO LONGER be deployed throughout the rest of the campaign. That hero is DEAD! If a hero is deployed as a plug and/or single unit and survives, he CAN be re-deployed as a regular unit or plug in a separate scenario. In the event a hero dies in which a scenario calls for them specifically, then they are “revived” for that Scenario alone! If they survive the scenario, they are still considered “dead”.

    If a team deploys a Neutral Unit and that unit dies, then neither side can deploy that unit again.

    Campaign Requirements

    This campaign requires the Rivet Wars: Eastern Front base set for play. It also uses many community and expanded Scenarios. It is recommended you also use a full Rivet Wars set (Blitzkrieg Set) for the Scenarios. You will also need to download the tents from the Battle of Telberg Campaign (Tom Hill) and the Rivet War Houses (Landship Scorpios) from the community.

    If, for any reason, you do not have/cannot do a Scenario due to lack of models or materials, then substitute a ‘Z’ Scenario. Give the “defending” player 1 free hero (Either Erwin or Wolverine) to offset their advantage. It is suggested you do your best to make do, however, as it does add to the feel of the Campaign.

    As a reminder, individual requirements shall be listed in Campaign Story Mode.

    Campaign Quick-Chart

    Scenario Title Blight Allied Located
    1 First Landing A1 A2 Eastern Front
    2 Have A Run At It B3 B4 Blitzkrieg Campaign
    A1 Defense of Hill 356 B1 A3 Eastern Front
    A2 Battle of Bagnoste A4 B2
    A3 Death From Above A5 2 Eastern Front
    A4 Roman Road 2 A6
    A5 Winter War B1 A7 Blitzkrieg Campaign
    A6 Count Cristoph's Mansion A8 B2
    A7 Over the top * 2 Eastern Front
    A8 On the Wings of Parrots 2 * Blitzkrieg Campaign
    B1 Dig In and Climb Out B3 B5
    B2 Kessel Run B6 B4
    B3 Demolition C1 B7
    B4 Hold the Line B8 C2 Eastern Front
    B5 Small Town Values B7 A3
    B6 While They Were Sleeping A4 B8 Battle of Telberg
    B7 The Gates of Telberg C3 A5 Battle of Telberg
    B8 Dr. Vorne's Laboratory A6 C4 Blitzkrieg Campaign
    C1 This is My Town * *
    C2 March on the Capital * *
    C3 The Queen's Gate * C1 Eastern Front
    C4 Top Secret C2 *
    X The Longest Front * *
    Z1 Take Up The Banner Eastern Front
    Z2 Maximum Moral

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    Campaign Wrap-Up

    At certain Points in the campaign, a victory sends you to a ‘*’ rather then a Scenario. This is, story-wise, a win. Congrats to that player! If you are unhappy then I guess you could tally up all the wins and losses as campaign points and figure out who womped who the most. Or you can accept the idea that the two of you just played games for a few hours, had a wonderful time, and should play another game.

    Campaign points should be considered one win as one point. For a death of a hero it doesn’t only award a bounty but provides a campaign point as well. Add those up. That should make you point people happy…

    Otherwise, win/lose conditions for Scenarios are as follow. Congrats the “winning” side. Have fun.

    I am trying to set up the document better, but it's being a big pain at the moment.

    If you wish to see it, and the story along with it, I shall provide some links below This is the current google doc, it has extra blank pages for some reason.

    We are working on getting a PDF for it and getting it posted on

    Campaign Story:

    The story of the campaign was very important to me. It will not all be here, but do check the document for the story.

    I will do the intro for you:

    “Very rarely do Rivets talk of the months of the war in which our world changed forever. However, when they do, they speak of them in hushed tones out of respect. From the late summer to the spring of the third stage of the great Rivet War is a series of engagements known only as the Autumn of Blood. These battles would bring the Rivet War into its fourth stage, and change the borders of the war forever. For those who served during this time, it would be the hallmark of our careers… and change us forever.”

    ~Captain Neil McPatrick

    I design the story to fit with the Scenarios being played. Working WITH the stories within the Scenarios themselves, I weaved together a large-scaled story of loss and victory for both sides. It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but I was ultra excited and a great deal of work went into it. So... YEAH!

    Follow Captain Neil McPatrick, a character from my Rivet Wars Fan Fic, Sergeant Albus Preston, Private Horst Humphrey, and Jeagar Earl Victin as they tell their tales of the battles across Rivet.

    Feedback is always appreciated. I would like to thank everyone whose Scenarios I used and for whose Ideas gave life to these Scenarios. I want to thank anyone who is brave enough to attempt to play the campaign right through, as it is time-consuming with all the Scenarios and printouts and whatnot. I will be playing a few rounds myself in the coming months and hopefully recording the results of the campaigns. I hope you enjoy it!!!!!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    I think this is a great way to replay some of the most fun scenarios available.There's a nice back story going on as well; well worth a look!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Yeah. Making an entire campaign of new scenarios is tough, but I tried to strive to use what we already had and inter-connect them. There are a great many Rivet Wars players who download every scenario and are anxiously awaiting their wave 2s. I figured this wouldn't hurt as a form of celebration of the game.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Always interested in feedback. Please check out the actual campaign document, too. Alot of work went into it and I only give the general gist here on the forums!!!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Really nice idea and being able to replay the scenarios with a linked story is a ggod move.

    Thanks for your efforts

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