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    This is my newest upload on CMON:

    I tried a lot of new techniques with this knight. Some worked, some not so much. Here is some info on the model.

    I made stencils for the ornaments and the skull with wings (on the pilots hatch) using the Silhouette cutting machine. I just recently got it and really like to work with it. First I had some doubt on how it can cut fine details, but as you can see it really gets the job done well.

    For the "gun" option of the knight I used the leftover bits of my Warhammer Steamtank (also in gallery). If you cut the gun at the second part it fits perfectly. I guess you can also use the barrels of imperial great cannons for it.

    I painted the rust and chipped colour effect on all of this model, while I used the hairspray technique on my first imperial knight. Maybe you can look at both of them and tell me which effect looks better?

    The stencil used on shoulders and leg plates are printed using a normal ink printer. You can buy decal pages for self printing quiet easily (f.e in amazon). These were also a first time tryout. I used setting solutions to make the decals shrink and fit to the bend surfaces.

    Used decals for the shoulder plates: a painting from 18th century (left) and a painting of Karl Friedrich Schinkel (
    Used decals for the legs: Images from GW: old army book cover Adeptus Sororitas (left), painting of Saint Celestine (middle) and a painting of the Emperor himself (right).

    There are some minor details at the base, difficult to see. A grenade in the middle of it, at french lily and a shot through Sororita helmet at the outer border.

    For the fire I used a kind of silicone glue the dries to become hard and transparent. Then I used inks and washes to make it look like fire. Big Thanks go to General Splatton for the idea (

    Hope you enjoy the miniature!

    P.S.: I have to work on photo quality, I'm a bad photographer...
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    That is quite impressive.

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