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    Default First Post-Custom model WFB Kroxigor

    Hi everyone!

    Long time lurker who finally got up the gumption to share, such amazing work on here the detail in some of these paint jobs blows my mind! I am mostly a sculptor ( also a newbie painter) who just recently got into WFB and was looking to fill some holes in my army list mainly I don't love the citadel Krox minis and wanted to make my own for my lists. I pretty much sculpt exclusively digitally, and haven't actually had a physical model of my work before now. Anyways, because it is actually a mini now, I wanted to share the first shots of the prints for my first attempt at mini sculpting or printing. Each base is 40mm monstrous inf base and the tallest model (not including weapons is) about 60mm tall. I will share more once the molds and copies are printed out. Any feedbacks/questions/crits are greatly appreciated!

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    and another angle of the digitals for anyone interested XD.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Rather tasty, I could be tempted by those.
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    Those are very impressive!

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    Very impressive indeed, much, much better then GWs.

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    Someone needs to sign you up as a sculptor, those are fantastic. Love the expression on the crouching guy. Like the snapping turtle look.
    are these going to be reproduced in any way?

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    Crikey, as a long time greenskin devotee with little interest in lizards can I just say you had better let me know when you cast those up. I needs them. I needs them real bad.

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    And in other news, do you have any interest in greenskin sculpting? I would think with these skills we could see some lovely additions (harkening back to the days of Brian Nelson etc)!

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    Those look really awesome. I would love to see them painted up.

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    Hey guys! thanks so much! Im really floored by the support here . More progress shots to come once the molds are done and the casts start coming in!

    StuartH: Thanks for your interest! I am doing a very very limited run of them. As they are, but the interest in these has outstripped my expectations, so I am thinking of doing a second casting.

    Archreptile: (love the name) Thanks for your kind words! I am pretty into the idea of filling in holes/doing updates for any armies that i think have some interesting characters that could use some love. Because of the initial costs of the prints ill probably restrict myself to individual models in the future depending on how much of my costs i can recoup. Right now I am strongly considering doing a Hierotitan, and possibly a Beast of Nurgle. I am open to suggestions for sure though!

    Fluisterwoud: Hey! many thanks! I am going to paint the set that i keep for myself of course, dunno if i am confident enough in my painting to share it up here XD. I have chatted briefly with a few folks who are much more accomplished painters than I am who have shown some interest in painting them up. I will share any and all pictures I get of the finished guys up here.

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    Please put me on the list for these, I always wanted Kroxigors for my Lizardman WFB army, but were never inspired by the GW ones. The broad backs remind me of salt water crocodiles. Now i am inspired. Please, Please, Please. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

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    Yeah these things have got just the right amount croc and snapping turtle!

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    Hey Woog! Wow they are awesome!!! Is there a waitinglist for buying them? I definately want one of each!!!

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    Hey Woogity! I picked something up about you sculpting these by computer? Where they 3d printed then?

    Could you tell us some more about the process of creating these beauties? They are amazing!

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    Those are amazing!

    With skillz like that you should work as a sculptor.
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Where do i sign up for the kickstarter? Seriously take your prints to a reputable caster send some to a reputable painter, such as myself, and start hawking those things on e-bay for $40 each. seriously quality!

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    Hey guys thanks for all the support! you guys are really keeping me motivated while waiting on the prints! best guess is they will be in sometime in December but with holiday shipping who knows?!

    Limara: Thanks! I plan on doing a full process thread on the game art/ industry website Polycount once i have the finals assembled and painted. There will be way more details and screenshots in there once its all up, but the jist of it is that I use Zbrush for the sculpts, it was originally one body posed, cleaned up and then accessories/weapons added once they were posed, and a bit of sculpting to give each one a little personality, cracks/ scars ect. The amazing prints are courtesy of Ownage, they are a very big name in the printing world, but their website has been down for a bit, if you google seach Ownage Prints, you can find alot of their stuff. Thanks again!

    Freakinacage: Thanks so much!

    Theghost: I have several spoken for at the moment, but I can message you as soon as I have the final list!

    Marjedi: Thanks! I currently work in video games as a sculptor, but rarely get to pose things or have physical copies of them so this has been a real treat!

    Demihuman: Thanks! I don't know about kickstarter lol Im super busy with my fulltime++ at the moment, but I would love to make some more WFB characters and critters when I get the time! wouldnt mind taking a crack at 40k either but dont know the lore/armies very well.


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    Really great work. You use zBrush or go ol' school and use Max/Maya? I also work in the video game field and am quite impressed with your modeling skills.

    Edit: Just read above and saw you use zBrush.
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    Put me down for 9 sir please and thank you. Phenomenal work. Awe inspiring.
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    These are absolutely stunning. They have a very Joe Mad' feel to them, which personally I think is just perfect.
    Maybe a silly question, but do you do 3D modelling in some other sphere professionally? Just the posing is fantastic.
    Sorry if that's overly gushy, I just love em!
    I seriously think a lot of mini companies would be interested in sculpts of this quality.

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