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    I wanted to start a post where everyone can post their pictures of painted AQ mini's! I have been busy painting these suckers. Here are mine...

    Note: I haven't finished any of these yet, I've only done the base coat. I'm still new to painting so I'll just be using the dip method next... which I'll do once I finish a few more base coats! They look good already though!

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    Post yours too

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    Mine came today! I wanted to get to work right away. Here's my first gobbo!Name:  gobbo small.jpg
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    My First batch of Heroes and monsters!
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    I like the Super Dungeon bases for them.

    I'm a little sad that you didn't paint Seth to look like The Joker.

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    I am sticking to the colors on the character cards for almost everyone, but I couldn't resist turning Bowie into Ziggy Stardust.
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    Haha nice, you won't get him mixed up with the normal archers! I thought about making a bowie a different skin color goblin but i stuck with green. Hopefully the blonde hair i gave him is enough! I finished my minis today (still more heroes to go though). I'll post once the dullcoat is completely dry. My first pics were just the basecoat... More to come!

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    Here are my final mini's for our current campaign! Now to work on more heroes and the nameless expansion!

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    I finished the basecoat on the nameless (and evil chooloo) last night

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    Heres my first set painted
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    Wow really nice work. How did you do the bases? Is that all freehand?

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    Rebased with bases with texture... so it is just a wash on bare grey base.

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    Looks very nice, I agree! I love the detail on Zazu as well!

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    Do you guys still snap the colored bases after you painted your figures?

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    I do but i haven't done sweet custom bases like some in here

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    How are you all dealing with the models that have harder to reach undersides? Do you cut the models off the base or just not bother painting the harder to reach areas really well?

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    Get a sloppy brush covered in paint, shove it up in there and spin it around getting as much as you can!!!

    If you can't paint it, you probably can't see it.

    By painting inside out, you can sloppy up the undersides, then clean up the surfaces.

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    A little something I worked on over the weekend

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    Very clean paint jobs! I like them! Well done on those gobbos!

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