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    next question. How important is it to clean the figure of extra plastic? like removing the mold lines, etc.

    And what are your methods of doing this? exacto knife, mini files, etc?

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    That's really personal preference. I don't think I did it much with these because there weren't a lot of mold lines, but some miniatures for games have really bad mold lines that should be cleaned up (I just use an Exacto knife. I did have to do the hot water/straighten/cold water trick on a few of the minis, especially those with spears, as they were crooked, but in general, I was really impressed with the mini quality.

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    You should attempt to clean mold lines, they can really stand out, especially if you use washes. You don't have to, but model prep is a fact of life. For this material, use exacto knives. Files are more for resin and metal. This type of plastic doesn't take files very well.

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    Lots of really nice paint jobs here. Kudos to all for your fantastic jobs!!!

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