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    This project is finally on its way again....its been sitting on my shelf for far too long for various reasons....mostly due to work and the lack of ability to continue with this feat (since my GS ability was at its limit)

    To shed some light on this little beauty....I was inspired by an older GW slaanesh hero that had a serpent like body instead of legs....this got me to get both FW KoS and FW trygon....cut them up and combine this monstrosity...the rest is history.

    I went on simple terms today by working on the loincloth chainmail armour.....did as mush as I can till I had to stop and wait for the work to cure.

    C&C are always welcomed here.


    PS: You can follow this link to see how this project came to be over the years

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    Worked on her some more......finished up the chains and added some dragon like scales....never attempted such sculpt....not sure if I even did it right with all honesty.

    Let me know what you guys think

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    Some more updates......decided to scrap the whole chainmail loincloth since I wasn't feeling it for this model.

    So decided to do a possessed demonic loincloth instead. I am very pleased by it and how it turned out.....and I even added some torn cloth on her backside to tie up the whole thing together. In between sculpted some chains to connect both cloths together.

    Overall I think I'm pretty much done with her and ready to paint her up....I'm gonna leave the tail tip the way it is....been trying to think of a way to make it look good, but I think its fine the way its at.

    The arms are magnetized for easy transport.....the dreads and sword will be done separately for ease of painting.

    Any C&C are always welcomed

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    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. This is a really nice idea and looks pretty well executed. I look forward to seeing this painted up.

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    That is absolutely fantastic - the idea, the sculpting - ace. I like sculpting but not very good at it. This inspires me to improve.


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