Metallics- Scalecolour or VAC?
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Thread: Metallics- Scalecolour or VAC?

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    Default Metallics- Scalecolour or VAC?

    Which are the best? I've seen both being called the best acrylic metallics available but never compared with each other.

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    VAC for me, so far but I haven't tried Scale75 yet.

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    for golds/yellow metals: scale75
    for silvers: ... hard, comes down to personal preference. I love the VAC silvers, but the scale75 reviews look pretty awesome too.

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    I have tried both and I say Scale75, hands down. I used to use VAC, but now I have both Scale75 metallic sets and I am seriously considering binning the VAC metallics as I can't see myself having any use for them any longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritual View Post
    I have tried both and I say Scale75, hands down.
    Y so? 10 chars

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    I've used both, and while the VAC are very good I definitely like the Scale75 ones better. In my opinion the colors for the yellow metal set are much better than what's available with the VAC. For silvers you can get away with VAC (they're often easier to find locally and since you can buy individual paints it's cheaper). But, there are some neat colors in the Scale75 set so if you don't mind the cost I'd get the silver one too.

    By the way, if you're located in the US you might want to order them through Colorado Miniatures. When you factor in exchange rate and shipping, they might be the cheaper option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oboe Concerto View Post
    Y so? 10 chars
    The pigments are finer and better then in any other acryllic paint I've seen or tested, and I've been doing this hobby for many, many years. The surfaces you get beats VAC easily. They mix well with any other paint, they go on easily and they cover well. They handle thinning very well. The colour selection is great. The only thing I miss is a coppery tone, but it is very easy to mix one or achieve using inks or something.
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    I like them a lot. I only wish the sets were still 22 - 25 american dollars like when they first came out

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