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    Default Skarsnik conversion work in progress

    Hello, i\'m doing a conversion to make the orcs and goblins army list character Skarsnik (a night goblin warchief)
    i\'m not a great converter but i think the pose and the attitude works well.
    If you wants to help me out or simply give me some advice or comments how to improve him feel free to do.
    Please if you can, read the tale about Skarsnik on the orcs and goblin army list and tell me if i\'ve catched the spirit of the guy.
    Thx a lot, the link is the following:

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    He looks nice ! But I\'m not that fond of flaming swords though. But there does exist a Skarsnik mini, in the Classics range on GW online store. Skarsnik and his Pet squig gobbla.

    Nice greenstuffing there ! Also a first time i\'ve seen a really dynamic pose on a gobbo :D

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    Nice dynamic pose. I Like the hat extension too. The only thought that I might add is that the flames possibly might be on the wrong side of the sword. To me it looks like he has finished a stroke so the flames would be away from the cutting edge. Looks great!:D

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    Humm i was not informed by Gork and Mork about the existence of this miniature :)

    Anyway minimart gave me a good advice about the flames on the sword, thx a lot!

    Also a first time i\'ve seen a really dynamic pose on a gobbo :D

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    Hey looking pretty good :D I\'d agree with minimart on the flames. And the base of the hat looks a bit thin in my opinion. As for synamic pose it certainly as a nice motion to it. But I think those boulder wielding loonyes have qui a dynamic pose too.

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    Well not a so cool conversion as i tought, i\'ve finished to paint it just to don\'t let it undone, thx for the ppl that spent some word for it if you want to take a look here\'s the link:

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    looks really nice, nice NMM on him. The only thing I\'m not sure about is those green flames.

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    not too keen on this one.

    that spear is really urking me...

    skarsnik has a weapon called a prodder. it is a giant trident. used in a similar way to a cattle prodder. that spear just seems out of place.

    I agrea with everyone else on the fire so I am leaving that be.

    I will say that you painted your fire backwards though. it needs to be brighter where it is hotter. I like the stripes on the hood though.. neat touch. I am going to give the finished one a 5.

    if you replaced the fire sword.. which skarsnik doesn\'t have he would make alot of sense. However, that being said it has alot that you can add on it to make it a much better mini.

    first you may want to add some highlights on the bones. they are a bit flat right now. some white highlights or elf flesh highlights can help that.

    the teeth look simply drybrushed. if you put some blends on them it will make them look more natural. A quickie would be something like bronze flesh->yellow->white. only use the yellow as an inbetweener not as an actual band of color.

    love the rest.

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    AS a conversion it is not bad I know that it doesn\'t hold excactly to the O&G army list but hey this is fantasy so you can do him how you like.
    The painting points are well said I have to agree with the bone highlights they do need a bit more just mix a bit more white into your bone and paint the highest areas.
    Your biggest problem for me is the amount of visible mould lines that can be plainly seen.
    Up the haft of the spear, down the side of the skull and along his arms, these realy should not be there and that is going to do your score harm.
    The NMM (and I am no expert on this) to me looks great.
    Don\'t be discouraged by the comments I think the idea is cool as is the conversion with a little more work this will get better than tabletop scores.

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    Thx for the comments, basically the problem was that i was unaware of the existence of a skarsnik miniature, so i\'ve based all my work on the written piece of novel in the orcs and goblin army list without any visual help, just my imagination, there\'s no mention about a trident but just a squig herding tool, and the flames were putted because in the novel he incinerates a dwarf with a green bolt of waagh energy, now i saw on cmon some exemple of skarsnik mini and i must agree that mine is far away from this concept. I have no problem to admit that but keep in mind that i\'ve never seen that Gw mini before doing this conversion.
    About the moulding lines i saw them but being on plastic pieces i was worried to remove them, was my fault, but it\'s ok, now the mini is painted and archieved, maybe some day i\'ll re-pick it and i\'ll do some improvement.
    For all that i\'ve written before i\'ll post the mini as \" Night Goblin Warboss\" and not as \"Skarsnik\" because i recognize that there are no similitudes with the Gw work.
    Last thing about the bones: was my intention to keep them as they are because i don\'t like too white bones,it\'s my personal taste and i\'ll gladly pay for this, it\'s ok :)

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    ahh! Yeah, the staff/triden/spearthing(prodder) he has fires that waagh energy.

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    Default old skarsnik is not that great.

    I am a huge fan of the classic models from GW. I think the goblins are an especially cool line. They are cute and full of character. But the Skarsnik and Gobbla models are not that great. They are in a very static pose.

    On top of that the classic range is smaller than the current editions goblins. And they don\'t really fit in with this editions \"realism,\" or the dark and warlike quality it has. The last edition (I think it was the 5th) was a little cuter. GW\'s Skarsnik and Gobbla come from the 5th edition. If you were to order him I think you would find that he is smaller than the average goblin.

    I like this goblin conversion you are working on. Whether it is Skarsnik is not important. He is cool. There are some issues I have with it, but they are minor at worst. The hat should probably come to a finer point, but that is really me being nit picky. The flames are on the wrong side of the sword, as many have already mentioned. I actually really like the spear, but I think the blade of the spear needs to be rotated 90 degrees on the staff. The metal strips on the side of the spear are actually how the blade is fastened to the wood. It seems, to me, that it would make more sense if the strips came off the side of the blade and not the front and back.

    The good things: this is a very dynamic pose. I really like the idea. The goblins are in desperate need of good heros. I love the torso. You have made it fit quite well with your character. The sculpted flames, while on the wrong side of the sword, look good.


    ps. For future conversions try a goblin fanatic. Their faces are far more charismatic. And since they are metal they will have a lot more detail. They are a bit harder to work with, but not impossibly so. There are also some good goblin heads on the goblin chariot. They take a bit more conversion work, but they will be worth it.

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