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    I want to buy one in a nutshell and have a budget of around £150. can anybody offer me any suggestions of what to buy ?

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    Hi ya, I bought one for £469 and that was just the compressor! Don't get that small compact one, the Neo Air; a mate of mine had it and it packs up real quick. The best bet seems to be the an Iwata but with a big discount. With the airbrush maybe just anything that has 'double action' so that you can control the the size of spray, pressure, and on and off all with one finger.
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    Don't skimp on the airbrush mate. I have 2. The first is a cheap Delta that I got for AU$70-90 (can't remember exactly now). Its rubbish and has been since the first use. The trigger mechanism is stiff and doesn't really give any control over paint flow at all. You really have to open it up 3/4 before you get any paint. I used it again for the first time in ages the other day and it really isn't even good for base coating.

    The second is a Harder and Steenbeck Infinity 2in1. I bought it from a UK website It would blow your budget unfortunately just on the brush. But the trigger is super smooth and paint flow control is very fine. I can certainly recommend the Infinity. With the larger of the two needles and low pressure I can draw lines around the thickness a ballpoint pen produces. Worth every cent.

    Other brands to look into would be Badger, Paasche and Iwata.

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    I agree with Stew's advice. Don't skimp on either brush or compressor. Nothing wrong with doing a bit of research and get good value for money, but buying cheap stuff that is a bit rubbish will only make it harder and more frustrating to learn to handle the airbrush and also to use it in the long term. A good brush will last you a long time, so look at that as a long term investment. A crap brush will frustrate you and you may end up not bothering to use it, so the money will be wasted. Buying a well known, well distributed brand ensures you will be able to find spare parts for it.

    When it comes to a compressor, you'd do well in getting one with adjustable PSI, a moist trap and, most importantly, a tank so that the air pressure doesn't fluctuate. Depending on how much you plan to use it and under what circumstances, you might want one that is less noisy. The compressor is also something you can keep for a long time, if you get a good one.

    The H&S Infinity brush Stew mentioned is great! I have one myself and I absolutely love it! It is definitely worth it's price.
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    well for about 4 years I had a noname-deal from the uk. Airbrush + compressor for about 70£ total. It served me well and was quite ok for rougher jobs and big figures/tanks.
    But the quality showed itself, as after the mentioned 4 years the compressor gave up.

    Around the same time I went to a 2 day AB training, where I could try HnS Infinity and fell in love with it. At the end of the training I actually bought the AB I used there (Inf Solo for 100€). As for Compressor I bought a new, better one with extra tank and all for 250€.

    So getting something good for 150£ is quite hard, but if you can risk the compressor, than the cheap compressor+AB and a HnS/Iwata could get a decent setup for a little more than what you have in mind with the risk of having a tankless compressor.
    On the plus side you can use the cheap not-so-precise one for priming / basecoating / varnishing, so you don't have to 'risk' the better AB.

    (+ in hungary you can get a decent compressor+tank setup for about 100€ (+AB for 50) , but I have no idea if the person sells internationally or not) (link: )

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    +2 for stew and ritual and +1 for the infinity 2 in 1. Also recommend Used aztek for many years then "upgraded" to an amazon chinese knockoff (the lesson there was nothing wrong with the aztek but my inability to regulate airflow and a crappy compressor were the problems) and finally to the infinity. Tim at everything airbrush has been beyond helpful so yeah, if I had known what I know now I would have gotten a proper compressor first then a decent airbrush. Personal preference is always an issue but the H&S infinity 2in1 is truly lovely.

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    Many thanks everyone.
    its seems I could do with upping my budget a bit, seems too many lessons have been learned from trying to go cheap. I've seen the everything airbrush site so will explore that more and look out for any deals.
    ive seen this deal which I think fits the bill.
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    yep, looks good.

    one extra: I'd try to get somehow a 0,3 needle and nozzle too.

    The 0,15 in the set would clog a lot with most model paints (vmc, p3,... especially with VGC and metallics) making it a bit of a pain, while the 0,4 would be too big with too wide of a pattern.

    The 0,3 setup in my experience is a perfect balance between usability with all my paints and how wide the spray is. (And of course if you need more details or need to spray a larger area you can always change the needle-nozzle.
    With HnS it literally takes seconds to do that.

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    Thanks MAXXxxx, I've wondered how the different nozzles would affect things and this seems to answer it perfectly. I thought the smaller the nozzle the better, but I can see how too small would be more of a hinderence.
    just a case of getting some cash together.

    just done some searching about and unless I'm mistaken they don't do a 0.3 for the infinity !?!
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    they do, my HnS has a 0,3mm in it right now (originally it came with a 0,2mm one). It's just not the standard that they come with.
    (They changed it in a local shop for me, the original .2 it comes with is safely put away as replacement.)

    then again if you use paint designed for AB (VAC, probably VGCAir, Schmincke, Tamiya, etc etc etc) you won't have a problem even with the 0,15mm needle.
    It's just that I use it a lot with VMC/VGC/P3 and the larger setup really made my life easier (like from going 1-2 minute spray then 10 minute cleaning --> hours of spray, cleaning only at the end.)
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    I did some research and couldn't find a 0.3 nozzle on EBay etc for the infinity, I could for other models. Perhaps there is a comparability with the Harder and Steenbeck brand ?
    I use mainly VGC VMC paints, with some Scale 75 and GW for my brush painting. Would thinning these paints work ok ?
    I did see a video of a top artist using paints straight from his wet palette, with a loaded brush into the reservoir and then spray.

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    scale75: no problem
    gw: the old ones were surprisingly good, no idea on the new range (I have only 1 color(most likely dry by now because of the super gw pot design) and never tried it)
    vmc: hit or miss imho, some need a lot more thinning than the others. (from that I used lately: deep yellow was quite good(relatively new, light color, quite thin for now), black grey was a catastrophe(old, dark, thicker in the dropper))

    edit (and off):

    the one new gw color I have (ceramite white) is not dry, but is in worse shape then most of my remaining VGC from 2004 or Rackhams from 2006. I used it maybe once...
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    Would you believe I still have GW paints I first bought about 12 years ago when I got into the hobby. They are still useable with the screw top lids.
    i haven't bought any of the new range. My biggest stock is VMC. Loving the Scale 75 paints, I just have the Black and White set but look to adding.

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    I find that thinning paints works really well. I use an airbrush medium to add to my paint when doing pretty much anything. It takes a few more passes to build up, but that is never a bad thing.
    I find the 0.4mm needle in my infinity fine for pretty much everything. I rarely mask anything and have few issues with overspray. The key to using it effectively is thinning the paint and using the right pressure. Practicing those fine lines on a piece of paper helps too. For base coating and undercoating I use 15-20psi. For detail work I use 5-10psi.
    I have trouble with tip dry but that is the bane of using acrylic paints. A quick wipe of the needle with a cotton bud or paper towel moistened with simple green and water every few minutes sorts it out. I have had issues with clogging (not often though) but that was operator fault not the tool. I mix in the cup (naughty, naughty but it does work) and I need to remember to put the medium in before I add the paint not the other way around.

    I ruined my 0.2mm needle a while back and haven't felt the need to replace it (it got tip dry something shocking, no more than a few seconds of spraying). But now with some more experience and some new paints (Golden acrylics high flow AB specific ones) and a few new inks I may order a replacement and give it another crack.

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