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    Default Raid & Trade a new Post Apocalyptic game

    MAGE Company proudly presents a new post apocalyptic game for 3-5 players by Charalampos Tsakiris and Malte Kühle:

    From the ashes of a devastating third World War, a precious few Golden Cities emerge offering hope to those who struggle for survival in the wastelands. Players explore the ruins of the modern world completing quests, honing their skills and maneuvering for social status in order to claim a precious spot as a citizen with a Golden City. To enter the Golden city you must:

    Become an expert: Reach 20 skill points

    Serve the city: Fulfill three secret quests

    Become a nobleman: Get the most possible character points

    In each turn, the players can spend action points to do several actions such as moving through the city, raiding buildings, attacking other players, and more. Each player has a specific skill — mechanic, trader, electrician, bodyguard and medic — and has his own unique items to build; those items can be traded off against other items or resources.

    The board of the game is formed by 9 different tiles. All over the map, the players find different buildings which they can raid. Each time a player raids a building, a raid card of this type of building is taken and read, which leads to specific circumstances taking place. The player will be made to make various decisions including important moral decisions! Upon resolving the various decisions, you will receive character points. The choices you make, for good or for bad, will lead to specific perks and advantages (or disadvantages) during the progress of the game.

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    #1 Day / Carter attacks!
    If there is one person who can survive this war is Carter the Bodyguard:

    A guy like him needs some really heavy equipment, and that's what we did. We made some pretty cool stuff for him: A helmet that helps break walls and it allows to defend himself without using a Gun! An exoskeleton armor that protects him from bullets, a Super Gun equipped with some tricking gadgets and he can attack spending only some AP and final a heavy blasted item, a Hyper Gun! He can win automatically a combat no matter what!

    If you think you can face this guy, you better be well prepared to face his guns and his ability to win combats easier than you. He is tough and you know it now. Get Carter along with his combat die and his final board and smash up everything you find on your way! Use his combat skills at maximum!

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    Looks very interesting, and I'm digging those minis!

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    they look good indeed!
    looking forward to see them painted!

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    Poll: Which person would you like to have on your side in a post-apocalyptic scenario?

    The question is: Which person would you like to have on your side in a post-apocalyptic scenario?

    Join us on BoardGameGeek, choose your favorite Raid and Trade character and leave a comment. Why this one!

    Follow this link:

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    Outpost is now available!

    If you want to collect Favor Points then Outpost is the place you must visit. The cost to enter Outpost is 5AP and when you get in, you can make several actions like test a new medicine or buy a Credit Disc. Both actions give you Favor Points and bring you closer to victory. Beware though since the other players can attack you and if they succeed then you must leave this place...

    increase your pledge level by $4 if you want to receive Outpost painted.

    Pow! 3 New Quest cards

    Complete 3 Quest Cards, collect 20 AP, and you win the game. Each Quest requires 3 different conditions. Example: Spend 6AP, discard 2 Incident cards and Raid 2 Small Houses. You must meet the 3 different conditions and then you achieve two things: You get a Quest card (part of your winning condition) and you can also trigger the effect of your Quest once per turn! All Quests have different effects.

    Next Stretch Goal: New KS Exclusive Incident Card.

    Backpack. This cards differs from the rest because you collect it at no cost and you can use its effects permanent. Playing the game you will see that the Incident cards can be used just once and you discard them but also each such card has a cost. That's why Backpack is Unique!

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    Pow! and Backpack, a unique Incident card is now available!

    Next goal: Metal Credit Discs. We will be able to make the molds for the Metal Credit Discs, 3 different designs. As soon we reach this goal, we will add this item to the Black Market and from there you can add them to your pledge. There are total 5 Credit Discs in the game. The value will be $4. Those who own 12 realms and have seen our gold coins, they know that the quality is top notch even if they are only plastic. Well with Credit Discs we can do more since we will make them Metal!

    The credit discs are placed in the Outpost and can give you Favor Points. The number of those Points is marked on the disc: 4,3 and 2. One of the actions in the Outpost is to buy Credit Discs. When you do that, you increase your Favor Point and you are closer to victory... if you have chosen this winning condition!

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    Hopes in a ruined city!

    We reveal the next 3 Stretch Goals. Beside those SG, we have planned more such as new characters & Items.

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    Metal Power!
    We reached the Metal Credit Discs Stretch Goal. Now you can pre-order them by increasing your pledge level by $4.

    Next mission: Escape the City

    Target: $28000

    Plot: You must find and fix the Helicopter. You will need a variety of specific Resources and AP in order to make it functional once again. Your task will not be easy at all. In each round the Map Tiles are destroyed and you have to run fast avoiding these explosions... otherwise you are a dead man. In this race against the time you must take one more player with you since the Helicopter can take up to two survivors. Who will survive? Maybe the player you chose to take with you was a wrong decision.. and if he betrays you? Make sure to create a powerful character with crafted Items and lots of Resources so you can have more chances to live at the end.. when the city goes down!

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    Default Post-apocalyptic days: Raid and Trade turns to Kickstarter

    Final Art!
    KS Link:

    To raid a Green House you need 6 Action Points, for a Yellow one you need 8 Action Points, and for a Red House you need 10 Action Points. When you raid a House, you draw a Raid card from the equivalent pile.

    The Raid cards award you with Resources. Some Raid cards require to roll the Raid die and see if your raid will be successful. Either you succeed or fail to raid, you always get Resources so the game is not random at all. The Raid die will only specify if you will get the most or less Resources from a House.

    The starting player of each round draws 2 Global Events, chooses one and discard the other card. These cards affect all the players during this Round.

    We have created a fair mechanism for those cards. Each Incident has cost in Resources. Example: To get Scavenger you must spend 1 Scrap Resource (orange icon). When you move from a tile to another tile you draw 1 Incident and place it face up on the new tile. It supposed that you search during the game. When you move to a new tile, is like to discover a new area, so you find stuff from Incidents. If you can pay the Resource cost, then you can get that Incident otherwise you let it face up so other players may want to collect it. Only 1 Incident is allowed in each Map Tile!


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    Mission: Raid the Houses!

    There are three different types of Raid cards. The Green, the Yellow and the Red. At the beginning of the game, you make 3 piles of Raid cards (one pile for each type). When you Raid a Green House, then you draw a Green Raid card. The Green cards are in total 25, as many as the Green Houses. The Yellow are in total 15. They are less since their effects are more powerful. The Red Raid cards are in total 10 (the most powerful ones).

    Some Raid cards require to roll the Raid Die. When you roll the Raid symbol then you take the most Resources from that card. You can see at the right top corner of each card two numbers. The upper number gives you the most Resources and the number below gives you the less Resources. Either you succeed or fail to Raid a House, you still get Resources. The difference is the number of the Resources you will get. You get those Resources from the Resource bag.

    NOTE: The game also includes a custom pouch (you use it to place all the Resource tokens inside). We will post photos as soon the people from the factory send us some.

    When you raid is successful, you also have the right to trigger the effect of that card, if you want! If you fail to raid a House, then you cannot trigger the effect of a card.

    Some other Raid cards have a Skull Icon on the left top corner. When you see this symbol you get the equivalent number of Blacklist Points (meaning you become a bad person) and your reward is the number of Resources you can see on the top right corner of that card. But here is the trick. When you draw a card with a Skull Icon, you have the right to choose NOT to Raid that House. In that case you place the card back at the top of the deck, you leave the House on the Map Tile and get as a Reward 1 Favor Point, meaning you become a better person since you did not raid that House!

    Stay tuned... more are coming soon!

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    Recommend these pictures, and maybe we will get them to the front page of BGG:

    Our Poll is still running on BGG. You are welcome to post your reasons under this poll

    Who would you like to have on your side in a post-apocalyptic world?

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    "Deadbeats! Run for your lives!"


    The first scenario of the game is now available. MISSION: Fix the Helicopter and escape the city before is destroyed.

    The Golden city is ruled by the Coalition. The Coalition built "Outposts" in radio active areas in order to use this power for their benefit. The survivors can get Credit discs from the Outposts, to grow in benevolence and finally get an audition with the Coalition to enter the Golden City. Now the Coalition decided to get rid off all those survivors by destroying the ruins!

    At the beginning of the game you place the map tiles in a "T" formation and you add the last map tile (the one with the helipad) as the last tile on the row. In each round the map tiles will be destroyed one by one (except the first round) and you have to run fast and collect all the necessary Resources in order to fix the Helicopter. However, this task will be very difficult. You have to protect yourself from the other players and from the bombs that destroy the map tiles and at the same time you must find the appropriate Resources.

    The Helicopter requires a big amount of Resources and some AP points in order to be functional once again. When you escape the city, you can take along with you another survivor-player since the Helicopter can take up to 2 players. During the game, the players can help each other, make teams from the beginning in order to save their lives. If you play as a team, then each of you can gather less Resources and combine them at the end.

    What will happen if you reach the Helipad first and your parter is still behind? Where will you find the rest Resources you need? Will you join another player and betray your partner or will you go back and save him from the other players' attacks? In this scenario there is a possibility you all lose the game if you do not fix the Helicopter on time and the time here will be determined in few rounds!

    We will post soon the rules in details!

    Next Stretch Goal: DOUBLE SIDED MAP TILES!

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    Choose your Quest!

    Before the game begins, you shuffle the 11 Quests and then you place them face down in an area accessible by all the players. Next you draw as many cards as the number of the players and you place them face up. Now you can all see those cards and how you can claim them.

    Each Quest requires 3 different conditions. For example the first Quest on the left requires the following (from the left to the right)

    a) 4 Medical Supplies (Red resource tokens)

    b) 2 Skill Points (middle symbol)

    c) 2 raided Houses. When you raid a House, you remove it from the game and you keep it. This is how you keep track on how or what Houses you have raided.

    When you meet all the three conditions, you can claim this Quest. Each Quest card has an effect, a permanent effect you can use from now on. For example the Quest on the left says:

    Each time you raid a Yellow (Medium) House, you get 1 Favor Point!

    Each Quest is unique and has different effects! If you complete 3 Quests and collect 20 AP, then you win the game.

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    Hi everyone,

    Here is the picture how the resource pouch will look like. Enjoy it and if you want recommend it on BGG:

    KS Link:

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    The Golden City offers new Stretch Goals & a prize!

    Our next 3 stretch goals are:
    1. Double Sided tiles and we need less than 3K to reach this one!

    2. New Global Events. 2 new Events will be available!

    3. New Character Cora! This Stretch Goal includes a variety of components. The special thing about Cora is the new Ability we created. We will reveal her ability and her components as soon we hit this goal.


    We update our Facebook Page daily. Share our news and post them to other gaming communities. At the end of this campaign we will choose 1 person who will get 1 Copy of Raid & Trade along with all the Stretch Goals. Feel free to share these news with your friends and everyone you know and let's make this game bigger! Share and post our updates daily starting from today with the latest one, the Resource Pouch image!

    Our FB Page is:

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