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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    Looks right out of a Kiril thingie poster !!! Sensational!!!

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    Outstanding work... so many textures and they all look superbly painted. I really love the bright green pouches (whatever you call this thing?) at the front, that looks amazing with the colours you used for the contrast. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!

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    Thanks everyone, glad you all like him, really trying to push myself with this one. I started on the face today, just some simple flesh layers and the eyes:

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    Beautiful texture work FW, adds so much to this piece. As others point out the helmets look fantastic...also loving the weave texture on the backpack.

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    Thanks, the weave was the biggest headache so far, I had to redo that backpack like 10 times.
    Here's some more work on the face, no shading or smoothing of blends yet, just slowly layering up the lighter skin tones:

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    Textures are sublime, as are the colour tones you’ve used. Awesome progress Flu

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    looking great buddy. I like how the face is coming along too. great work on the eyes too.

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    Fox, Canny, thanks guys glad you like what you see. Progress is still being made on the bust, but nothing picture worthy today. In other news, it took 2 months but my CMON order finally arrived!

    Not pictured is a bunch of basing materials, a bust that I was going to use under the 75mm barbarian's foot but it ended up being super tiny (like the size of a GW Ogre head) and two Secret Weapon acrylics that were refunded even though there was a lot available when I placed my order. Kinda salty about not getting those SW paints. And I still need to figure out what to put under that barbarian's foot.

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    I should try a historical one day, I just love my fantasy world. Have fun man!

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    I never thought I'd like historical minis until I painted one, now I love 'em. I say go for it, just find one you really like and give it a shot. We may turn you into a historical painter yet! Of course you could always add on to a figure and change it to fantasy, it's pretty easy for a lot of medieval knights.

    Announcement for anyone going to Adepticon

    Michał Pisarski, aka Lan Studio, just added a NMM class on Thursday March, 22, 12:30pm - 4pm.
    If you don't know who he is, he painted the Nagash diorama that won a Crystal Brush and Golden Demon/Slayer Sword last year.
    Looks like I got the first spot, capacity is 16 and there's 15 spots left. It's only $44 and you get a free bust (this one, that he painted and will teach how he did the shoulder pads) so it's pretty sweet deal.

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    Face update, still very much WIP, and definitely need to fix his left cheek and lip area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teronus View Post
    Those textures are ace man!
    Agreed. Such outstanding use of freehand texture. Your skills are improving dramatically.

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    This is some next level shit right here brother flu. Scary stuff how you progress mountains every model. This def moves you to level up status. Textures are killer.

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    I'm in awe. Those textures on that bust man... crazy stuff. You got some amazing talent, love seeing the work of everyone here, some seriously talented artist you bunch are.

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    Thank you all! I made a goal a this year to really up my texture game, so I'm glad it's already getting positive feedback. It will get even better after Adepticon where I'll take two different classes on textures.

    Alright, update time. Continued work on the head, redid the pouch straps for the thousandth time, added a shovel, other minor tweeks:

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    Hey flu these textures are amazing. What is that grainy stuff. Or are my eyes really going.

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    That's Vallejo Earth Texture. I put a very thin coat of it on the shovel, then used a brush to dab off the excess (I didn't want it to be 100% covered). After it dried I primed and painted it.

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    Nice nice nice!!!! Great stuff great stuff indeed!!!

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