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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    Thanks everyone, CB is now one week away. I just want this wait to be over, gotta see all the insane shit the Euros are bringing!

    Now it's time to show my first model post-CB, it's time I finally hop on the Nurgle train:

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    I'm not a big nurgle fan but this one looks like it would be interesting to paint, I'll be keeping an eye on this one

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    Good luck with CB

    will look forward to seeing what you do with the Nurgle chap

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    I think everyone’s on the Nurgle train at the moment aren’t they?

    I’m sure you’ll work wonders with Bell dude.

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    Yesssssssssssssss as my legion grows in the talented hands of other awesome artists!!!

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    Have fun and be safe at CB! The Nurgle dude is full of details, I will check out how you tackle him.

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    Thanks for the CB well-wishes, everyone! Joce, I'd love to see your work in the cases some day, we need to make this happen.

    I'm all packed up and ready for CB, can't wait to get this weekend started. Got my first class on Thursday with Michał Pisarski, going to get some ridiculous NMM knowledge.

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    Wait a minute wait a minute where’s my griffin and my dark age unit-:/

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    The Stormcast griffin guy was starting to get too involved and I made the decision to focus my time on the bust and barbarian piece. I'm still working on the griffin, I promise he'll be ready for CB 2019, I want him to be a show stopper.

    I got halfway through the Dark Age guy and I was not happy with how he was turning out. I have until Friday night, maybe I'll try to push through it. I'll take some pics so you can see what's going on.

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    Oh shit!!! I mean all other entries are strong- so as ling as nothing broke or anything tragic-.the 1000 suns sorcerer looks great on that base!!! And the “your next “ and soldier boy are probably the two strongest pieces you’ve done for a show. I’ll see you there we can talk bout it. Good stuff this year- hang tough it’s the strongest you’ve been since competing. Btw

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    Frankie baby here I come- I gonna shoot him down and let gravity take his fart arse down to Chinatown!!!!lolololololl only Fluisterwould will get what this means!!!lolololo this ones fer you derek!!!!!!

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    Yes, yes, I wonder how he'll try to cheat the system this year.

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    Good luck at CB mate, some really exceptional pieces you have to present, despite whatever the end result I believe your painting is masterclass level, so best of luck!!! I will look out for these on the voting page!!!

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    Good luck bud. Its going to be a tough one this year.
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    Oh shit guys, this new sea elves army from GW looks amazing! The giant turtle model is glorious, I must have it.

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    I just watched the release video.... some really nice looking minis

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    have a great time at CB mate all the best! the nurgle guy bell guy is a great mini, he's in the dark imperium book too it's quite an exciting read Felix the model in grav armour rips him a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Who the hell are sea elves!? The old high elves?
    That's what it looks like. At least they are adding some cool new stuff.
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    Here is a link to the stuff I have painted:

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