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    Lovely saturation flu!!! What a pop!!!

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    Thanks all, the red comes out nice like that due to the contrast between Reaper's Cinnamon Red and S75's Antares Red.

    Didn't have much time to paint today, so I just worked on the steel parts. I also glued down some cork to start working on scenic base for the squad.

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    The cloak's awesome Flu, and the steel nmm is coming on well. Everyone's knocking Spiteclaw out of the park

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    I agree with the rest on the red... but what I like most is the texture underneath it! Is it done with some light skin colour in a criss-cross pattern or similar and then painted over with the red? I think you are getting a "stronghold" on textures with these last two works!!
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    Maenas: I mixed up a pink and did cross slashes, then used pure Leather White from Reaper for more slashes, then I glazed over with Antares Red from S75.

    Update time:

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    Thank you Fluister for the explanation, might try to do something similar
    The rocks underneath look great too.
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Beautiful. Between yours and Hairster's skaven, I really want to get these guys on my workbench soon.
    pax et bonum

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    Stupendous job on this beautiful model!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frzntoz View Post
    Beautiful. Between yours and Hairster's skaven, I really want to get these guys on my workbench soon.
    Totally agree, great models and now I'm kind of pining for them, especially this one. Well done

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    Looks great FW, I already commented on the skintones on instagram as I love the sickly green hue. Textures are looking great on the cape and the NMM metals are solid, great variation in tone.

    Lovely stuff mate on a really dynamic mini.

    I was fortunate enough at WarhammerFest to have a chat with Maxime Corbeil who sculpted these for GW as I collected my Skaven from the showcase...really interesting to get his thought on my painting first hand.

    Great job FW

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    The figure looks great, but I really love that stone work.

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    Thanks everyone! Hairster, that's pretty cool, I assume he liked them like everyone else. He did a great job sculpting these models, I thought they were the best of the current Shadespire line, that's why I chose to do them.
    As for the stone work, I tried something new and started with a very dark green/blue base and worked my way up with a color called Nacar from S75, also used the Algae wash from Secret Weapon. Turned out quite nice.

    Spiteclaw is done, but I will go back for some touch ups once the whole group is finished. Gotta make sure they're all cohesive.

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    Spiteclaw's looking fantastic Flu. The nmm is solid, perhaps in need of slightly more smoothing. The contrast across the figure is spot on I think and the details are all very well painted.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang.

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    Looking awesome Fluis, I love the reds on that cloak.
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    Yeah, this guy looks great... such a vibrant red for the cloak, really makes it pop...

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    Honestly I loooove the subtle realistic OSL you’ve got flu. It’s perfect. Not overdone and very believable matey. Your a true artist , I know this cause you can paint all types of subject matter to the same competition level standard. ace of a job.

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    Btw flu I will define doing a set of this group ( ALBINO RATS ANYONE)

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    Just fantastic! Both you and Hairster set the bar so high for these figures.
    pax et bonum

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