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    Default A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

    Hello all you amazing painters of CMON.

    I did a WIP thread for my last project on a different site and activity there seems to have dwindled to almost nothing. So I thought what better place to continue it than here, where there is a wealth of talent and information. I have a lot of projects on the table, many for Crystal Brush 2015, and many more for practice so I don't embarrass myself at my first painting comp.

    To start, rather than post way too many images in the opening post, here is the WIP imgur album of my last completed piece, Brogan the Bonecrasher.

    And here is what I'm working on now, an awesome Sub-Zero bust from Forged Monkey (Raffaele Picca)

    Obviously he'll be wearing his mask, but I wanted to paint the face for some practice. Here is my progress after the first day of painting:

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    Cool! I like the fact that you have a go at under painting on your flesh. I guess you are using acrylics so I do think it has limited use, but if you can make it work then great!

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    Thanks, Stuart. Here is day 2 on Sub-Zero:

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    Shifting gears today I started a test model for an Ogre squad. The head is finished, the body and pants just have their first layer of paint.

    I tried for a split lip on him, don't think that turned out too well. I also want to try NMM on him. So far I've done a single steel sword with meh results, so we'll see how this shapes up.
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    I did some NMM work on the Ogre and I'm not sure what to make of it. It feels wrong to me, I clearly don't know how to NMM. I'll keep practicing it, but when it comes time to paint the squad I'll most likely use TMM because I feel much more confident in my ability to paint that.

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    I got a new model in the mail today and I got a bit excited for it and had to start painting. So I put the Ogre aside for a bit to work on an English Hussar from 1815.

    The head is mostly done, but there are some spots that need touching up like his left eye and his lip and the ears.

    This will probably be my hardest project yet because he is covered in very tiny gold trim. This guy is all kinds of fancy.

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    Lol fluisterwould I'm going to give my 2 cents in here...if I may...most of the time and I'm talking 99.9999% of the time I paint for display and competition because of this I never delve into things that I'm not adept at.. most people on the site know me for a couple of strengths I have .I'm very narrow in my skills but what I do know I implement extremely well. The strengths I'm referring to are 1) weathered true metallics metals and 2) orks and nurgle demons (both display my passion for things green) so when I sit down to get to work I'll ask myself am I trying g to practice with this or am I so in love with the model I'm working on I'll stand very clear of all things I don't know..so I think you need to ask yourself is the story practice nmm (I feel this ogre is coming very well especially the face) or like you mentioned will it be part of a unit (maybe for the fang or golden demon) in other words if you are really putting your heart and soul into these sTay with the tmm it's what you know well same thing on the historical pieces these are very beautiful pieces not really for "practicing knew techniques" rather paint them using wht your good at and practice nmm down the road,..btw if you want to get better at nmm ask these people and follow the following w I p names I'm listing :andy g,ten ball,BloodFather of kharnath,sprocket and skellete .follow their blogs and ask how they go about it they'll help you.but if you ask me Ide say paint the unit and the officer with the true metal metallics..it's what your really good at and see the practice for another model.. your painting is very very very good.if it's not broke do not fix it bud.after all I want to see the ogres and the officer when their done.use your strengths it hasn't failed you yet...and don't think it ever will.
    Cheers m8 BAM

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    Default split lip

    I think the split lip is fantastik when I use splits or gashes I always make sure that I put some "blood for the blood god" GW TECHNICAL paint in and dripping down from the wound you probably going to do this anyway but that's what I us sully do. As I said the split looks spot on. Just add some of that blood stuff dribeling down in a thin line.

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    You make a lot of sense BAM. For pieces that I want displayed I will just stick with what I know I'm good at doing, in this case TMM. I have a bunch of cultists from the Dark Vengeance set that I can practice NMM and other techniques on because those would never get any other use anyway. For now though I will focus on applying the skills I already have and make them better.

    The Ogres will be my squad entry at Crystal Brush, and they don't have to conform to game rules so I can use a minimum of 3. That gave me 3 extras to test ideas on, like using gore effects with BftBG. I think I'll pick up a pot this weekend and see what it's about.

    Thanks for your input.

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    NY time man well be competing against one another so I want you to bring your A GAMe well both have our work cut oUT for us..but by all means we have to use what we know it's our only chance of wowing each other plus the judges..I'm always around if you need help lord knows I'll be picking your brain too.lol

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    Great, can't wait to see your stuff in person. I'm eagerly awaiting tickets going on sale next Monday.

    This past weekend my painting skills were put to a different use, my gf and I repainted the bedroom. Can't say I'm a fan of painting at that scale. That being said my mini painting time was pretty much non-existent. I had a little time yesterday and instead of jumping into the tiny, tiny details of the Hussar, I decided to work on the Ogre skin.

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    Ogre is mostly done now. Needs a little re-work of the belt, cleanup in a few spots and a little extra shading in some places and it's done. Then I can get back to the Hussar.
    The Ogre squad will have the same basic look, but I'll be putting a lot more time and effort into them, and one will have a nice freehand banner.

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    Yep pers bud.were gonna make it happen.

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    Hussar looks great a anxiuos when it'll done

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    Oh yeah, I'm a huge fan of the cartoony look on the bladE. great job man.

    Oh, on a side note; where does your nick come from? I see you're chicago-based, but fluisterwoud is 'whisper woods'(as in-forest) in Dutch. Odd.
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    The skin is looking nice. Since you plan on using this for comp, there are a couple spots on the pant's black stripes that are a little jagged and could use some clean up.

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    @KruleBear That's the beauty of taking pictures through out the painting process, you catch little mistakes that your tired, naked eyes miss. I will be cleaning up all those little imperfections when I get some painting time later today. Though this particular model won't be part of the comp squad, it was mostly to test the color scheme and what not.

    @Meph It's the name of a Dutch metal band. About 12 years ago when trying to choose a screen name for a website, everything I picked was already taken. So I thought "what's a name I know will never be taken on any site I sign up to in the future?" I chose this band's name and it's never let me down.

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    I put the Hussar on hold for a while, the tiny gold lace was giving me headaches. I've been working on some CB entries for the past few weeks, but also spent the last two days on a bust from Tale of War.

    El Markés

    Still needs some cleanup and a free hand Jolly Roger on the hat.

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    Gr8 job flu looking forward to compete ing with ya

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