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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    *throws a dwariball* GOTTA CATCH EM ALLLLL!

    Welcome to the forum Larry, this is someone else's work in progress log though mate =P Not to fret though, you can create your own progress thread and get feedback on that. People round these parts are more than happy to address any questions and give constructive C&C etc so safe hands and all that.
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    Oh, totally missed the random dwarf. Come to think of it, a dwarf is the one mini I've never painted before. Maybe I should change that. Anyway, here's some basecoats on the big chicken-cat:

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    Oh I like this color scheme. Looking good so far.
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    Cool stuff, that's an interesting looking scheme

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    Colors RD are well thought of and will cater to such a wonderfully painted my del by you maestro!!!

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    Thanks guys! Here's some work on the shield, still got stuff to do to it.

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    Awesome work, love how you have created the lions features by subtle shadows

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    Excellent freehand work on that shield !!!

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    Stupendous Indeed

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    Thanks guys, I did more work on the shield since that post and I think it's where I want it now.

    Due to some emergency cross-country travel this weekend I was unable to sign up for Adepticon when it went live, so when I got the chance to do it today, some of the classes I wanted were sold out. But I was able to get in on 3 excellent classes, and I waitlisted a few more. Here's what I got for now:

    I also started the Naamah bust from Black Crow Miniatures. It isn't intended to be a competition piece (but if it works out, maybe?) so I thought I'd try out some new things with it. First up is the sketch technique, never tried it before so I may not have done it properly but here's what I got done with it:

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    Nice course calendar! You can go a bit more heavy handed with the sketch and really draw the lines between areas of color. Its a nice start but don't be afraid to be more bold with the placement and strength of the colors on a sketch. I did it too on my first attempt. It's scary as all hell to make something that nice look clumsy, but i swear it works! Try painting with your fingers or a corner of a sponge at first to block in big areas with bold changes o_O
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    I like the idea of the sketch have you watched roman's jack bust on youtube (massive Voodoo) its amazing how it evolves. its not quite the same as a sketch but pretty similar. I will have to try it out some time soon too. I like your light source and how it comes across the bust.

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    Zab, saw that too late. After starting to lay down the color I realized I should have gone more drastic in the shading. Live and learn.

    Canny, I have not, but I'll look for it now. Try it out, I had fun with it.


    If you're experiencing very slow load times right now and wondering why, it's because CMON just posted on facebook that they're having an 80% off Cyber Monday sale. A lot of stuff is ridiculously discounted. I just picked up a BCC Black Sailors orc and a Nuts Planet bust and with shipping the price was $30.18! Stuff is going fast though, pretty much the entire Infinity range is sold out already. I had The Big Bomba from Black Sailors in my cart but got an error because it sold out before I could complete the checkout process. He was on sale for $25!!!

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    Nice job on the shield, I really like the freehand design.

    And thanks for the heads up on the sale. I hadn't thought to check out there store, but your post got to take a look. Picked up the Barbarian King from Joaquin Palacios, CMON's Chaos Knight (the 70mm guy), and two of the 54mm scale Enigma figures. I probably shouldn't have... but hard to pass up on some of those deals!

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    That explains it. I picked up 3 busts for $17. Teeheehee!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Instagram: almost_zab
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    Thanks, Bailey, I made a few tweaks to it since I last posted and finally got it exactly how I wanted. Now for the rest of the mini...

    Glad you two got in on the sale fun, just looked around a little bit ago and most stuff is sold out. I did actually place a second order, this time I got a bunch of Secret Weapon acrylics (thanks to Bailey's WIP thread), more grass tufts than one person could ever use, a 54mm Enigma model and a small bust I'll try to use in my upcoming barbarian piece's base. Even with paying a second $6 in shipping my total for the day was under $55, this sale was nuts.

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    Update on the bust. Got some color going, not happy with the antlers/horns, thinking of doing them in more of a birch tree look.

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    Okay, we're going to try this one again. I kept getting told my post was either spam or being posted "too quickly". I've now waited for over 5 minuets so hopefully this works.

    Bust progress:

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    Alright, seems to have worked. Here's one more picture because apparently you can't post more than 4 images at a time otherwise it's spam.

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