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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    Thank you everyone! Glad you all like the colors because I'm about to show you some more:

    At first I was going to do all the feathers white/grey/black like the seagull, but I thought that would look boring. So now he just plucked a couple parrots. I also forgot about the stick-on feathers, so that's why they're still blank.

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    Great idea on the feathers Flu!

    Everything's coming together nicely.

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    Excellent idea/addition to the miniature, it gives much more live to it, now it is even more pleasant to the eye ^^.
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    I feel those bright feathers help catch your eye and make the other colors on the model pop even more which over all gives it a even more realistic feel.

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    Update Time!

    Glad you guys like the feathers, the red feathers aren't as bright in person as they are in the photos. I think they'll come across better with the setup I use for final photos. So, here we are now:

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    I like this piece alot Derek!!! Really eye catching painying here!!!

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    Loving the parrot feathers. They bring a nice dose of colour to the mini.

    And more models need pelicans. There is a definite gap in the market for more pelicans

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    A question, since orks usually dont care so much about hygiene are you going to add any pelican droppings on the back of the ork as a form of weathering?

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    Thanks all. Fox, yes everything needs a pelican! Guawol, that's a great idea, unfortunately I don't have the time to do it. I only have 4 days left to finish this guy and there's still a good amount of work to do.

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    He's looking really good Fluisterwood...would agree with everyone else, the flashes of colour in the feathers and the pelican beak/feet really give this some impact. Good luck getting things finished and with the competition.

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    Alright, coming down to the wire, WME starts on Friday. Papa Jambo himself is finished. I just need to finish the pelican and the treasure chest on the base. Speaking of the base, I poured the resin tonight:

    I didn't know how much resin I needed so I just used everything I had left. Guess I got a new drink coaster.

    Once the show is done I'll make my way back to all the WIP threads I've been neglecting.

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    Dude.... such an amazing model. If that doesn't blow people out of their socks at shows, you should go on a mad rampage.
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    Good luck Fluister!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meph View Post
    Dude.... such an amazing model. If that doesn't blow people out of their socks at shows, you should go on a mad rampage.
    Agreed, just make sure to have a proppa choppa when you go on said rampage.
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    Go git em properly

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    All packed and ready to go! I promise to take many pictures of the great works while there. I know the Ben Komets seminar sold out instantly, but others may have some spots open and you can buy tickets at the door, so hopefully I can attend some.

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    I took a lot of pictures so far, but it'll take me a while to organize and edit them. I'll post the album in the next few days. But for now, here's what I bought today. Got a lot of historical minis in the pipeline.

    The Valiant Miniatures guy is the free show model. Based on a soldier at Fort Dearborn, which is now downtown Chicago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Dearborn

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    I love I do it too when you see these amazing historical painters at a show with a large showing of historical models and imagery it makes you get historical model tunnel vision and purchase everything that is historical. Now you know why bails love it so much!!! great job glad you splurged on yourself now go home and crack open a fluisterbrew and celebrate!!!

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