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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    Archie got a great start here. Can't wait to see more, always fun to see something I know I'll be painting myself.

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    I can't wait to see how you paint him up, and see how different he is from my version.

    Now I've started working on the base

    On the octagonal part I'm not too sure what to do with it. Should I do a marble effect and leave it blank, or paint a pattern/design on it? I was recently at a Greek Orthodox wedding which inspired the base, the star pattern was on one of the tiled floors at the church. I googled some Orthodox art and found a painting of their version of the Archangel Michael and was thinking of freehanding it on the base. I drew it on a test piece here:

    Would that be too much?

    Here's the full painting to show the full colors, I would probably keep it exactly the same.
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    In other CB news, I think I fixed my chibi, I reattached the leg and got it affixed to the base once more. After some paint it shouldn't be too noticeable.

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    Began building the base for my fantasy single mini, the one with the blue banner on a previous page.

    This will be a wintery scene with snow and icicles, and maybe a picked apart rib cage.

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    Good good stuff actually it isn't noticeable at all m8.great surgical hands.

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    Thanks, BAM, I just hope I don't have any other accidents with CB entries. Don't need that stress right now.

    Here's round two of the fantasy base:

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    Last work on the base until the mini is done and affixed, then I can add snow effects.

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    Like the basework. You could darken the eexposed wood parts towards the bark parts with reddish, brown i'd use woodgrain (WMC) or inks and pick up the transition with darklining. Using a slightly satin finish could create a nice quality contrast as well.

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    Haven't painted in almost two weeks because of unfortunate real life events, but I got back at it today. Went back to the Archangel, last step before final touches and then working on the base:

    Because of the break in painting I fear I may not have enough time to finish all the CB entries that I wanted to do this year. Mainly I'm most concerned for my large scale entry. It's a mounted figure so essentially two 54mm minis that I need to paint. I may hold off on that one 'til next year, and scrap my historical unit. I do have that Hussar half painted so I can finish that up and use that for the large scale if needed.
    In other CB new, I've already started planning for next year. This year I wanted to entry as many categories as I could to maximize my chances for a trophy but next year I'm focusing on just 2 or 3 entries including a diorama that will be my largest, most involved project ever.

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    I finished the Archangel and started slapping color to the base, don't mind the top, the octagonal tile is not attached and being painted separately:

    I also had some left over Apoxie Sculpt from a different project and decided to have some fun and convert an Ork from the Assault of Black Reach box. This is the most I've ever sculpted so far, including a entire shoulder with muscle lines and whatnot:

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    Really good job on the base! A bit too flat for my taste, I would add some reliefs on top of it instead of the cork board.

    For the Ork, nice sculpting. I also consider to start sculpting with some basic conversion and addition! You just motivate me to find a model for that!

    I will follow your thread!

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    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Went back to work on the fantasy single, Drast the Hunched:

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    Great base you have going on there, looking forward to seeing Archie finished.

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    Great job so far flu!!! Keep it up keep it up indeed!!

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    Drast, 99% finished. Just have to do a little dried blood on the sword and do the name plate on the base.

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    Back in February 2012 I bought a board game called Wiz-War and it came with some really fancy minis. It was the first game I had that had nice sculpted minis for use and I decided that I wanted to paint them up. I knew absolutely nothing about how to paint and just kind of slapped it on. So three years ago these were the first things I ever painted:

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    I decided against an elaborate free hand on the Archangel base, though it'd be fun to paint it would take up too much time that I don't have. Here is what I did instead

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    Looking good! My only thoughts are these:

    1) His face could need a little highlight to draw attention to it.

    2) The base could use a little dust/dirt/something else dirty on the octagonal surface, it looks a bit too clean now.

    Other than that, good job! I particularly like the sword and the weathering on his legs.

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