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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    Looks great. The white shoulder pad looks more integrated into the rest of the figure. I'm so impressed with this project!

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    Great job, especially on the NMM black. That is something I need to start practicing on, it really helps give that extra bit of realism to your model.

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    Thanks everyone! After much internal debate, I decided to scrap the squad for this years CB. I spent a few hours cleaning the models and after priming them found a ton more mold lines all over, especially on the extremely tiny details. It was disheartening and I just didn't want to deal with them anymore. I will have them finished for next year though, promise!

    I did go back to work on the Slaanesh lord, progressing on the armor:

    Also, here is one final shot of the 75mm Black Templar:

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    Very good work on everything Derek.. as for the squad the only reason you didn't finish was the fault of the crystal brush higher powers that thought it seeemed fit to merge the cat...AT THE LAST MINUTE !!! :/ so no worries there'll be plenty of other comps.btw really liking that slanesh thingie with the bippies.

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    Have been following your work for the last couple crystal brush entries and I must say the improvement is massive, my favorite is the Black Templar, but am still eerily hypnotized by the Slaanesh Lord's nmm, very well done.

    Best of luck at the CB and I will look out for your pieces in the cases, though they will probably be found quickly by me, as that Templar really stands out.

    Once again, Best of luck.

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    Both look stunning, been quietly watching for a while (mostly ask have nothing helpful to say) but the final models look awesome

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    The green cloak on the Slaneesh warrior is luscious.

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    That templar is simply amazing!

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    Love the rich reds against the creams and blacks
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    Thanks a lot guys, your support is much appreciated!

    BAM: Still miffed about some of the decisions on the categories. It definitely threw a wrench into my plans. My biggest gripe was doing away with a separate historical category. Oh well, just gotta play with the hand you're dealt.

    KoE: Thanks and best of luck to you too. I saw what you're working on for this year and it's looking good, especially that banner.

    In other news, I'm out of commission for a little bit because the other night I was doing the dishes and sliced the thumb on my painting hand. So I can't really hold a brush right now, not fun. :/

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    Stunning line up. My personal favourite is the bust, but you really knocked it out of the park on these.
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    I also prefer the bust, but that last blacktemplar was a step up piece for you I think. Already wishing you good luck!!
    I want to say also, that the NMM "shine" on that slaanesh golden armour is terrific!
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    Best of luck Fluister. You have some nice work here.

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    Thank you guys! I handed my stuff in this morning, loads of amazing pieces already there. Some big name talents have already turned in and their stuff is fantastic as always.

    Got a nice little confidence boost when my pieces were being put into the case, the judges were gathered and looking at them and I could here them give positive comments.

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