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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    *throws a dwariball* GOTTA CATCH EM ALLLLL!

    Welcome to the forum Larry, this is someone else's work in progress log though mate =P Not to fret though, you can create your own progress thread and get feedback on that. People round these parts are more than happy to address any questions and give constructive C&C etc so safe hands and all that.
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    Oh, totally missed the random dwarf. Come to think of it, a dwarf is the one mini I've never painted before. Maybe I should change that. Anyway, here's some basecoats on the big chicken-cat:

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    Oh I like this color scheme. Looking good so far.
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    Cool stuff, that's an interesting looking scheme

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    Colors RD are well thought of and will cater to such a wonderfully painted my del by you maestro!!!

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    Thanks guys! Here's some work on the shield, still got stuff to do to it.

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    Awesome work, love how you have created the lions features by subtle shadows

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    Excellent freehand work on that shield !!!

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    Stupendous Indeed

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