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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    this is looking fantastic. really nice textures. amongst other things really like the shirt. the stippling really makes for a nice play of colour and texture.

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    Nice work left cheek is looking better. what you doing worth the lips? loving the skin and combat gear.

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    Here's where we're at with the bust now:

    Still have the gun to do, then a few odds and ends and it should be finished.

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    I dig it (mawhahaha)
    I like his right side its looking great, I cant tell whats not quite right with the left but its not quite as good. Bailey or 10 or some one will be able to help Possibility of to much highlight relative the shadow side? the shovel has just the right amount of shine to it on the front, have you got any dirt colour pigments? that would work a treat on the back to give it that extra bang.

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    I think the face seems brighter because of the photo setup, I hadn't touched it since the last update. But still, I've since glazed on a few layers of the skin shade to tone down that left cheek.

    In other news, I finally found a head that will work for the barbarian, so I'm ready to start that project. Got about two months to finish him, should be enough time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canny View Post
    I like his right side its looking great, I cant tell whats not quite right with the left but its not quite as good.
    I reckon it’s his right eye.
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    Something just doesn’t look right. Incredible painting and texturing though. Really realistic and gritty, love it.

    Barbarian looks like it’s going to be awesome too

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    Wow big project! Everything about the soldier look nice the details of the textures sublime except the shovel looks to old to me. Like he just dug it up from a archaeological site. Sorry to be blunt I just give my honest opinion

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    Top notch painting sir. Really well done.
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    Thanks, all. Fox, nice catch, I've put that on the list of touch ups. Joce, no worries, blunt criticism helps improvement. Spent Friday doing some cutting and sculpting for the dragon head, here's the results:

    Still have to sculpt a tongue that will flop on the ground, but I won't do that 'til the base it built up and I know exactly how the head will be positioned.

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    Nice! I knew you would understand Derek! About the tongue easy twist with GS take 5 sec and with the gore and basing stuff on top don't worry.
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    Beautiful paintwork derek. Exceptional!!!

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    Derek on that piece this marine dude if your light source is from the left that’s what I’m reading then u nailed it. Am I correct. Everything else is perfect even the face.

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    Your blending from grey to yellow could use some work...have you tried using a wet Love it mate.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Thanks, BAM, that is where my light source is. Seems I always do light from that direction, I'll have to try something different soon. lol

    Diggs, always a riot. lol

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    Wow, that buste is looking very nice, love the subtlety of the shading, and that shovel has excellent crusty rust going on.
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    Thanks, Meph, glad you like it.

    Alright, here's the last you'll see of this barbarian without any paint:

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    Hehe thats a great sculpt! Who's the No1 dragon slayer? YOUR No1!

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    Alright, some paint has been laid down. Mostly just a few base coats, nothing too special. But I did work on his massive belt piece. I was wondering how it reads to you guys. I'm trying to go for a bronze/brass metal rather than gold. A guy like this wouldn't have gold armor.

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    Putting down some more colors, working on the flesh. Not worried about the blends being shit, that'll be worked out later.

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