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Thread: A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud

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    And 10, yes I too wonder who's he is pointing at...

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    Looking super good now man, the orange of the pelt is looking brilliant... and water effect turned out great by the looks. All round exceptional work.

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    Fantastic as allllllways!!!!

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    Alright, late night update time, axe edition:

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    Ha that's great! As well as reading 40k books I have been working on casting resin for some 3d prints after being very dis pleased with the amount of bubbles I have gone home made styles and made a degasser chamber and a presure pot to lessen the bubbles in the resin. Not as good as professionals but good enough to have to recast the silicon mold as I never degassed it and under pressure the air bubbles deform the mold thus deform the resin (hahaha). But Im learning a lot so much so I think I clear resin base might be in order soon. maybe one like the massive voodoo chaps been making.

    Back to your work love the base, I had a chuckle when I saw "your Next!". Axe and other NMM is looking great. Its a little while ago you did the belt but that center brass colour is fantastic looking.

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    Stunning paint job on this, the sculpt is a little odd, he looks like he's just spotted a fair maiden after doing something heroic and he's giving the old point and wink at her

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    This is a level up!!!!! Funny think Derek is every time he does a new model it’s a level up imho!!!well done young man!!!

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    Nice work Flu, I can just imagine him throwing some cocky line to the next monster/maiden.

    The reds in particular are nice and vibrant

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    Thanks guys, Canny a clear base would be pretty cool. A thing I learned about lessening the bubbles is to keep the resin warm while stirring it. So I'll have the cup the resin is in sit in a bowl of very warm water, seems to work alright. That plus your current setup might work out. BAM, gotta treat it like a video game, every mini is a new boss fight worth massive XP. lol

    Alright, barbarian is like 95% done now. Still needs a few tweaks in places, need to redo that sword gem, fill in the gap on his right arm, other various things. But here is now:

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    very nice I will have a better look on the pc rather than my phone tonight.

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    Alright, here's a couple of parting shots before the barbarian is packed up for CB:

    In other news, my English Man-at-Arms bust won a bronze in Figure Mentors' ArtQuest 2017 competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post
    In other news, my English Man-at-Arms bust won a bronze in Figure Mentors' ArtQuest 2017 competition.
    Congrats mate!

    The barbarian will do well at CB I’m sure. Certainly looks excellent

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    DAMN! You wrapped this one up like nothing IN the pocket! Nice Flu, have fun and stay safe at CB, wish I had money... I could be with the GANG!

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    It should do very well there . Fantastic painting well done

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    Really nice job FW....congrats on the bronze and all the best for CB!

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    Congratulations Fluister! And good luck at CB!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Congrats on the Bronze win and I can't wait to see the barbarian next week at Adepticon.

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    Gorgeous, and you did it so quickly! Congrats on the bronze and hope to hear good news about CB!

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