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    Default Fallen Frontiers 14th of November on Kickstarter

    *UPDATE* Fallen Frontiers is now live on Kickstarter, check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...ontiers-reboot

    Hello everyone,

    Today we are proud to announce that Fallen Frontiers is coming to Kickstarter on Friday 14th of November!

    Fallen Frontiers is a 35mm sci-fi wargame set in a futuristic society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy and have found powerful energy resources and intelligent life forms with advanced technology. The players assume control of a faction that can be customized by choosing troops, characters, and cards that best adapt to their game style.

    In the coming days we are going to reveal more information about the game and the kickstarter campaign on our Facebook Page. Make sure to share this date with all of your friends and back us on day 1 so that we can get funded quickly and start working towards unlocking a ton of stretch goals, getting you more sci-fi awesomeness!

    You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our Newsletter for more news & updates.

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    we have been posting some updates on our Facebook page covering all the Fallen Frontiers factions, and now wanted to share them to you here:

    ARES - This civilization of aliens designed to look like super-humans is divided into two factions: The "Operators" who serve unidentified masters and The "Ares Condominium" who have been released from the control the masters held over them. The Ares Condominium are creatures with a strong sense of individuality probably generated by their former life as slaves. They have fought hard for their independence, survived a civil war to get where they are, and nothing in the universe will take their freedom.

    Ares are larger than normal humans, and they look as if they were genetically engineered for war. Their bodies have more muscle mass, making them stronger, faster, and more rigid in combat. Their minds are like tactical computers analyzing the battlefield and making split second decisions with deadly precision. They are truly something to be feared on the battlefield. But why are they made to look like humans and who has created them? That is a far more scary story.

    RIFF - The Riff are an ancient race, much older than humans. They expanded in a nearby galaxy and quickly learned the horrors of excessive ambition. They saw their own civilization rise, evolve and fall.

    Some of them left and traveled the universe to peacefully settle down in our own galaxy, however only death and betrayal was awaiting most of them... Now a new set of Riffs has arrived, but their goal is very different, vengeance.

    SAYX - “The Sayx are considered human because we have no better word to define them. They played so much with genetics and military programming, that in my opinion we should find another way to address them." - Dr. Cornelius Van Jander, Chief Engineer of Applied Genetics

    In the new order of the galaxy, you are most probably a human who lives on the hive ships of Sayx Enterprises, where there is limited space and there are no families, with reproduction following the interests of the company. After applying Ares genetics for the betterment of the race people are selected by their potential skills from birth, and if you are lucky you may serve in the Sayx army where death is a reward all its own.

    HARVESTERS - The Harvesters are still a mystery. They attacked Earth without warning and destroyed all communication with Earth colonies. We do not understand their behavior, it appeared to us they were collecting living things and assimilating them into their ranks. However we were wrong. When they attacked the Earth their goal was not to harvest humans but to simply destroy key targets. It is clear that there is a plan behind their actions, but we are far from knowing who or what it is.

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    we have been posting some updates on our Facebook page covering some of the Fallen Frontiers heroes, and now wanted to share them with you here:

    BITSIE - Bitsie "Operator 31", is one of the most charismatic and powerful leaders of the ARES Independence. She is a veteran of the civil war that won the independence of ARES, and she continues to lead them to victory over the many hostile threats that plague them today.

    FINK - Fink Draad is one of the few survivors of the slaughter on Hellion Prime committed by the Sayx Corporation. He escaped the battle with serious injuries and put himself in hibernation on a ship to reach his home galaxy and spread the news of what happened. During the re-conquest of the Hellion system he showed that his tactical skills were matched only by his thirst for revenge. Now he is in charge of ground operations of all Riff contingents in our sector. Revenge continues and Fink is its instrument.

    TARKO -Although Tarko is a citizen of Earth he has only spent a few days on the planet. Like most of the crew of the Octopuss, Tarko was born in space and was trained from childhood to serve the Sayx army. Sayx has been in the spotlight of the Earth Council on several occasions, and only through its membership with INCRECOM has managed to avoid scandal, for its legally questionable actions. For Tarko, the Sayx policies might not be the greatest, but its army definitely is, at least as long as he is part of it.

    SIHLAS -Sgt. Sihlas Fenn is a well respected and renowned noncommissioned officer in the Riff military. Upon the arrival of the survivors from Chook Mul, Sihlas was tasked with the duty of discovering the events that took place and how the survivors escaped the genocide, more specifically one survivor, Fink Draad. Sgt. Sihlas Fenn tested Fink's combat abilities and found him to be worthy and requested Fink be assigned to his Riff Berserker unit for the retaking of Chook Mul. During the campaign for Chook Mul, Sihlas's unit gained the reputation of being the most influential and brutal unit of the entire army, his name inspired both fear and respect. After the retaking of the planet Sihlas requested Fink join the expedition fleet to Hextrom IV. Together they were needed there more than anywhere.

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    We have prepared a short trailer that you can share to give new players a look at what Fallen Frontiers is all about:

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    Hello everyone,

    Today we want to give you a preview of the exclusive content you will find for Fallen Frontiers in this Kickstarter version. Everyone who buys the game box will get an exclusive version that will have a different cover from the commercial version. Inside you will also find four different faction postcards in A5 format, a numbered backer certificate and two exclusive models that will not be sold in stores or online.

    We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow!

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    Hello everyone, here is an update on our progress:

    On our first day we not only hit our funding goal, but we also smashed through 3 stretch goals. We have added the Bitsie “Operator 31” Alternative Pose and the New Gaming Mat for FREE to all eligible pledge levels. We have also unlocked Feral Senn, which can now be added to your pledge for $15. Currently we are working towards our next unlock: Jason Ramires!

    You can read more on the updates and back us here: http://kck.st/1H1UGSd
    We thank you all for your generous support!

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    Hello everyone,

    we have just unlocked our third hero, Jason Ramires, and now we come to you with a special treat. The next 3 stretch goals are all going to get you some FREE stuff, including:

    - KS Exclusive Silver Card Backs
    - KS Exclusive Painting DVD
    - Hank “Operator 323″
    - Fink Draad “Alternative Pose”

    You can read more on this update and back the campaign here: http://kck.st/1A8VR0o

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    Hello everyone,

    Today we come to you with an announcement that a lot of you have been asking for: the possibility of customizing your starter box!

    You can read more on this update and back the campaign here: http://kck.st/1t55ntH

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    Hello everyone,
    We have just finished posting our 3 part background story of the Tharken 17 campaign, our latest stretch goal. Click on the following links to read each part:
    Part 1 - http://kck.st/1z9Hoxe
    Part 2 - http://kck.st/1zadV6f
    Part 3 - http://kck.st/1zOv0DS

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    Hello everyone,

    We have been listening to your feedback, and today we bring you something which had been on our minds since we introduced the custom starter set: the ability to choose your own heroes for stretch goals. You can read more on this update and back the campaign here: http://kck.st/1AGHfp5

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    Talk Wargaming just made an article showing off the high quality of our Riff Berserker models. Take a look and don't forget to share & like the article! http://bit.ly/11UN3fD

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    The minis and concepts seem to be very high quality. Best of luck, I'll keep watching.

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    Hello, we just posted a gameplay example showing how phases and fatigue work. We included lots of pictures and explanations to make things as clear as possible, and hope you like it: http://kck.st/15D5tnC

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    Fallen Frontiers is heading into its last week of funding, and we just announced our Black Friday special. To thank all of our backers for their generous support, we are giving out FREE stuff to all people who pledged at the Assault Trooper level or higher, and the higher level they pledged, the more goodies they get! You can find more information here: http://kck.st/11AyvC6

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    Cyber Monday is here, and we are revealing THE DAMNED! The Damned is a collection of mercenary heroes at a special discount price of $12 each until the end of the campaign. You can find more information here: http://kck.st/1rN6dLl

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    Fallen Frontiers is in its last 48 hours! Throughout the kickstarter we have already unlocked plenty of cool stuff, and there are more hidden surprises coming, so keep an eye out on the campaign. We made a big update that goes over everything that is going on, check it out: http://kck.st/12nyvW9

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    And man, are we a bunch of eager backers! The free painting DVD should be of interest to a lot of folks here, by the way.

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    Fallen Frontiers is heading into its last 24 hours of funding, and so we decided to reveal a few things. We have unlocked a couple more heroes, we have revealed a hidden hero… and there are still some surprises! You can read more on this update and back the campaign here: http://kck.st/1yrlx6z

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    Hello everyone,Fallen Frontiers is heading into its last 2 hours of funding, and we are adding lots of new things. There are new heroes, there are new add-ons, more pictures, background story… come check it out! You can read more on this update and back the campaign here: http://kck.st/1ywFIjo

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    We made it everybody, Fallen Frontiers is funded!

    Over the course of the campaign we have grown immensely, from giving people the opportunity to customize their game box, to picking your own heroes for stretch goals, adding an awesome painting DVD, giving you a narrative campaign, and finally unlocking 16 new hero models.

    This campaign has been a great success for us, we have funded over 240%, and all of this thanks to all of our backers. Each one of you has contributed to making Fallen Frontiers a success, and we are looking forward to delivering this epic sci-fi miniatures game to you.

    Thank you everybody for your generous support, the real work starts now!

    Happy Holidays,
    Scale Games

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