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    Ref: SFF-007
    Sculptor: David Fernandez Barruz
    Painter: Rodrigo Cipres

    Ref: SCB-004
    Sculptor: Alfonso Prieto
    Painter: Elias Alonso

    Hello everyone:

    Today we present you the new Scalecolor FANTASY AND GAMES range of paints.
    It's a range designed and produced especially for fantasy painters and table-top figures.
    We have developed a new formula that allows greater strength and durability.
    We have also achieved greater color intensity so your minis can impress even more.
    Like all the Scalecolor line, Fantasy and Games can be used with airbrush and paintbrush.
    Fantasy and Games can be mixed with all our other acrylic ranges to get even more amazing results.
    All the tones of our sets are new and adapted to the most demanded topics by the world of fantasy miniatures.

    We hope you like them.

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