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    We had a scenario where killing a minatour was going to finish a quest and thus ending the scenario. But there was dropped gold on a tile nearby. The person that did the killing blow did not perform his movement yet. Can he walk and pick up the exploration tokens still?

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    Yes, you get to finish your turn before finishing the scenario.

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    In the rules it says "When a player fulfills his third Quest, at least one them being PvE, the scenario immediately ends and that player is victorious," does the immediately not apply or does the player indeed still get to finish his/her turn?

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    If you are allowed to continue the activation after the third quest is complete, that leave it open for a potential 4th quest to be completed. IE, hobsbawm activating another hero to complete a 4th quest. I have been playing the ruling that it ends as soon as the 3rd quest is completed.

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    seems fair to me. This is a perk of having that ability

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