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    Firstly I apologize for asking so many questions. But I am totally new to this, just bought it last week and have had a blast playing it. But every new game we play new situations keep presenting itself where we debate over the rules, so here goes....

    1. Can we move a hero target character through a tile that is occupied by 2 monsters using wind blast? Or a monster target through 2 hero models?
    2. If we are moving a character (using windblast) through a tile occupied by 2 models and one of them is friendly, then that target should be able to be moved provided that they can end the movement not on that tile. Question is, this friendly character has to be friendly to whom? The attacker or the target? I would assume the attacker since he is the one choosing the movement, even if it's on an enemy hero model.
    3. Can wind blast movement be used to have the target open doors or warp through portals?
    4. Does windblast movement happen before a monster's movement/payback? If so is it possible to actually avoid a monster from attacking you back if u push it far enough away from you or out of LOS?

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    1. No. All Moves must always follow the Move rules. So no Moving through Blocked Spaces.
    2. Move rules are in reference to the character moving through the board. It doesn't matter what's causing that character to move.
    3. Wind Blast only Moves the target, it doesn't give it Movement Points to use on other things like doors and portals.
    4. Wind Blast is triggered at the moment the Attack is rolled, so the Move takes place before the Payback Reaction.

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    Thanks for clarifying! No teleports is a big deal. Now we know.

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    If a character is killed by Wind Blast, where would any carried loot be dropped? Am I correct in assuming it would be where the last restino place of the body fell (I.e., after the Wind Blast), or would the loot be dropped before the dead body is carried away?

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    Technically the target would be moved by Wind Blast before he had a chance to die.

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    Default i have a situation were the guard is in a closed room. I open the door and hit him with windblast.

    1 - Can i move him out of the room and into another place?
    2 - Is the movement to anywere? i mean, can i make turns with it or is it just a straight line?

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    1. yes, as long as the squares you move him through are not "blocked".
    2. yes, you can make "turns" with the movement.

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