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    Default Default Reroll and Crits clarification

    Stated in Rulebook "he has his full Reroll pool at his disposal to use in any order he’d like." If a player rolls a cirt, and using the crit to roll the extra dice. Is he allowed to reroll the crit after the additional dice is added?

    Home Ruling: If you use the cirt to roll an extra dice it locks the dice out of being able from being used in a reroll.
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    Why would you want to reroll a crit? It would gain you nothing. You reroll the misses.

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    Unless your not trying to kill your target, and just wound him.

    Example: I am using Seth ( I'm Green Guild) to attack Chaz(Red Guild), I know my next turn I can complete a PVE quest but I already have a PVP and one other PVE quest complete. I also know the blue guild really hates Chaz, and I want to leave him at 1 wound so, blue goes after chaz. Chaz I only need to do 3 wounds to chaz, and I have a 1 reroll. I use some spell that does 4 range, and holy crap I got 4 Crits!!! I was so excited I forgot what my plan was and I roll 4 more dice, and all are melee.. then I realize.. Crap I am going to complete this mission but I want to do the PVE quest not kill Red guild for the win of the mission. So I use the reroll on one of the crits and roll another blade , saving myself from an early win.

    I could make up a few more scenarios, but It was a question that came up when playing last night, and I could not answer with full confidence and anytime I have to make a home ruling, I like to verify it, or get it overturned here.
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    I believe this section of the rulebook would make it so the extra dice rolled would also be negated.

    "The result of this new roll replaces the original result"

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    You can only reroll a CRIT (and thus ignore its original result) before rolling the extra die for the CRIT. Once you "accept" the CRIT result by rolling the extra die, that CRIT can't be rerolled.

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    Hey guys, I have a questions about Crits itself and I think I am right here. I just wanted to ask if you HAVE TO roll another die when you rolled a Crit. Because for example the Fortune Dice say, if you attack, you say how many you hits or successes (in German it is "Erfolge", but I think it just means hits), and you have the exact number as you stated before, the hits are doubled. So, it would be interesting if you MUST roll another die when you rolled a Crit sign since you have to take it into account when stating the number of hits before the roll. I think this was a bit confusing, but I hope you can understand my question :)

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