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    Been absolutely snowed under with work - 12 hours away from home each day is a killer. However I have been painting a lot when I get home to unwind . I've managed to update my blog a couple of times but not got round to getting on here (very remiss of me).

    My current project is a kit bash/conversion for a Rune Priest for my Space Wolf army. First pic is the blue-tacked version and the second is the head. No idea why the blue glowing eyes have come out green in the pic... I'll get a wip of the armour tomorrow when I get home from visiting the girlfriends parents in Wales.


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    You green stuff is green so I don't have a clue, did you had yellow lights or day lights?

    Waiting to see your progress

    Oh and welcome to the wip's forum

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    Was hoping to get this posted sooner but sadly real life has taken over (and not in a good way). However, I've Ffnally managed to get a pic of the body. Quite happy with how he's coming along all things considered. Still got the leather to sort and want to try some osl and considering runes on the armour (if I'm brave enough)

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